21 Day Fix: Round One


Sunday was the last day of my first round of The 21 Day Fix. I have a lot of emotions thinking back on those 21 days… I could of done better, but I did do better then before, I lost, but I didn’t lose enough… And on and on the constant battle. This may be a long post so bear with me. 

My thoughts on the program as a whole: I like it. Yes there is meal prep and that takes time. But failing to plan is planning to fail, cliche I know but it is true. Meal planning helps me stay on track and curbs my bad food choice making. 21 DFX simplifies how you measure your foods, if it fits in the container you count it as 1 and you know ahead of time how many you get, so simple! No calorie counting, no figuring out your macros. Not only am I eating healthier but since I have more healthy choices around my family is eating healthier. Tonight at dinner Vivian asked if she could have carrots instead of potatoes, um yeah!! 

Shakeology: I usually have my Shakeology for breakfast, which I never used to eat. I blend it in my Nutribullet (life changer!) with one green cup of spinach and a red cup of either cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, for liquids I either use water or almond milk (depending on my yellows for the day). Now comes the fun part, creating different flavors! My base is the Chocolate Shakeology, you can drink it plain chocolate or mix it up for some fun. Chocolate Peanutbutter, Cinnamon Roll and Almond joy are my favorites!! Just add in some extract, spices (both are freebies) for peanut butter flavor I have been using PB2 powder. Oh and did I mention that my son loves the shakes too!!  

21 Day Fix Exercises: Confession time….. I never worked out these 21 days… Ok one day on the treadmill. I will do better! 

My eating behavior over the 21 days: I had my good days and my bad. I would say I gave  it about 60% and I say that because I did lose weight. Oh course I’m all in when I first start, eating great and then I revert back to my old habits, sometimes I don’t even realize it. I have two major weeknesses, the weekend and emotions. On the weekends I get out of routine, I get busy or we have plans with people (were the food involved is not 21 DFX friendly) I make poor food choices. I feel like people already see me as fat so why not eat like a fatty. Emotional eating, why can’t I be one of those who likes to run to clear their head!! Instead I’m halfway thru a double cheese burger, fries and a large coke!! 

My Results: I did lose, nothing huge but still a lose. Remember I only worked out one day and ate healthy about 60% of the time. So with that being said I didn’t retake my measurements but I did step on the scale and was down 4.5 pounds, which is better then gaining. 

Final Thoughts: I’m not giving up. Instead of seeing things as an all or nothing deal it is one day at a time, heck one choice at a time. Just because I messed up on Thursday doesn’t mean I have to wait to start over on Monday or that I failed and I might as well quit. 21 Day Fix round 2 starts in the am! 

Love Always … Tam


The weekend and my Birthday…


So this weekend was spent at the family cabin. We left Friday afternoon so my eating up until then was great! When we got to the cabin it was another story… one night we had a deep fried smorgasbord! Then there was one night of drinking, followed by some cardio aka dancing. I did make some good choices I got my Skakeologly in everyday, I swam with the kids instead of sitting on the boat and I made sure to get in a good amount of veggies. Come Monday morning the scale reflected my choices made… not too bad, but not as good as it could of been. But instead of drowning my sorrows in food, I got to play with these really cute kittens at the vet… it was hard not to take them home.

Monday was also my birthday and I thought I was getting by with no cake. Then my mom felt guilty with no cake and that my daughter didn’t get me anything so she had her decorate some cupcakes all by herself for me. It was cute and she was so proud of herself.

I posted this quote to my Facebook page because it rings so true and I have to remember that this isn’t going to be easy and that I need to take things one day at a time…



Love Always … Tam

21 Day Fix-First 4 Days


So it’s Thursday night and I completed the first 4 days of the 21 Day Fix. Here is how it went….

Midweek the week before I had decided to sign up as a Beachbody Coach and start with a 21 Day Fix   challenge pack. Immediately after I signed up I was invited to a few Facebook groups to help me get started on my challenge as well as the Coaching side of things. At this point I was more focused on the challenge and paid close attention to my challenge group. The challenge group usually starts the week before your challenge so that you can be prepared when the challenge starts. From here I was able to get some recipes of the week and a better understanding of the 21 Day Fix program. So Saturday night, armed with my shopping list, I set out for a late night grocery store run all alone.

Sunday morning I started my meal prep, cut veggies, cooked chicken, oh crap I forgot to thaw out the burger. Meal prep ended up being a two step processes as I had to wait for the burger to thaw. All in all I would say it went pretty good. I spent around 4 hours total on meal prep and clean up, but it really wasn’t bad the time just flew by.

Monday, Day 1 started out with me undressed in front of my good friend Debbie as she took my before pictures. Now Debbie let me tell you had posted her before pictures onto our challenge group, she is one brave cookie. See those pictures was really alarming… wow had I let myself go. When I look in the mirror I usually stick to looking at the upper half and think to myself “I don’t look that bad” Well not with these pictures it is all out for you to see.  After that is was time to start my day. Day one was a tough one, I was hungry and had headaches (caffeine withdrawal). I felt like I was eating all day but when I added everything up I found out that I actually had a lot more left that I could have eaten. Some changes were made for day 2.

My pack wasn’t supposed to be delivered until Tuesday but the post office let me pick it up from them on Monday! Yeah for living in a small town!

Tuesday, Day 2. Today was my first day of trying Shakeology, I have the chocolate flavor. It tasted good, isn’t wasn’t the chocolate milk shake I really wanted, but the thought of all the goodness going into my body and I got to have chocolate was the best! First day I added almond milk, water, greek yogurt and Coconut extract for an Almond Joy Shakeology. Found out that hummus is not my thing, so I found a recipe for a ranch veggie dip that uses cottage cheese (yeah protein)! However I had a moment of weakness at Walmart, this is my trouble place and someday I will tell you more about it. I relapsed so you could say and bought a package of Oero’s and devoured half the package before picking up the kids. So of course the thoughts stream thru my head… you are only on day 2 how can you give up so easily, they didn’t even taste that good, was it worth it….I was ashamed to say the least. Tomorrow is another day and I can do better.

Wednesday, Day 3. I need to get more veggies in so I added spinach to my Shakology. I also went for a Recess flavor and added some nut butter to it. Someone stole my cup and didn’t want to give it back!

Thursday, Day 4. I am actually finding it hard to eat all the food, shocking I know coming from a fat person, but it seems like all I do is eat! I have been stepping on the scale so I know that it is working and that keeps me going. We are leaving for the family cabin tomorrow so I will have a challenging weekend ahead, plus it is my Birthday on Monday! I already know that I will be bringing up lots of veggies and I figured apples & almonds are a good snack that I can just go and grab. I also have some leftover chicken that I am going to make a version of Chicken Cashew Salad (made with homemade mayo) to bring with. The rest I am going to have to play be ear and trust myself to make good choices.
Love Always … Tam