Shakeology Recipes: Fall and Summer Throwback


What has my life come to, it is Friday night and I am at home looking up new Shakeology recipes!! But I am just so excited that my new Vanilla Shakeology will be here next week. It is now October, so all you hear about is pumpkin spice everything. However I am not a pumpkin lover, so I have a couple of Fall Apple Shake recipes to bring on those lovely Fall feelings.

Apple Shake

Not to forget about Summer I found two Summer Throwback recipes- Pina Colada and Root Beer Float….take me back to summer!

Pina Root Shake

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Love Always … Tam

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My Television Debut


I always imagined my television debut to be on the Biggest Loser or Ambush Makeover (yes I have really thought of these things) So imagine my surprise when at my daughter’s field trip this week they tell us “don’t be surprised when the news crew shows up and starts filming” and “be sure to watch the 10 o’clock news tomorrow” What!!! Even though 99% of people watching the news have no clue who I am and/or that it was even me in one of those shots, I was mortified to see myself of TV. Just goes to show you, you never know when opportunities come knocking and to never leave the house without looking your best.

TV DebutHere is a screen shot of me and the kids checking out the goats. You can watch the whole video Here.

Love Always … Tam

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