Hi! I’m Tam from TamCam10.
I am a Women, Wife to Eric and Mother to Viv & Dec.
I am 30 + 5 years old.
Food and Drinks make me Happy.
I am overweight. (See above)
My filter is broken, my grammar sucks and so does my spelling.
I used to be a Cosmetologist and Real Estate Agent.
Any excuse to have a party is fine by me.
I think I am funny.
My goal in life is to just be happy.
I think I am Creative and Crafty.
We are building a house!

Why did I start this Blog? I have been contemplating this for quite sometime, Will anyone want to read about my life? What will I write about? Will I have time to write? I finally just decided to go for it.  I want this blog to serve as a digital diary of my life, a place to connect with like minded people and to give me a purpose.

My life in a blog … tamcam10.com

Christmas Card 2018 Campbells tamcam10