Fall Home Decor Tour 2020 Part 2.5

Just a quick change up this weekend, hence the 2.5.

While searching for the pumpkin carving tools I discovered some goodies I stashed away from last years Halloween clearance. I found some Halloween makeup for Miss Viv and these paper bats. So I figured I better get them up on the wall. My mom had some sticky dots left over from a project, I might have been better off buying new ones because they kept falling off!!! But finally they are all staying put. Jury is still out for how long they will hold, I may have to come up with a plan B.

Wall Before Bats
Wall with Bats!

Dec pointed out that it was time for me to change up my letter board and I agreed. Being October and all it hate to be Pumpkin Spice related…. Dec was a little confused.

And just because they are soooo cute is a picture of the Kittens! They are getting so big and have decided my new couch is there favorite place to play.

Mouse and Cali

Love Always … Tam


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