So I Had a Craving…


True story, this how my Saturday morning went, kind of ashamed but it is a daily struggle that I go through.


Disclaimer: Not my picture, I found it on Pinterest. 

So I had a craving for something sweet and I had the itch to bake. I love to bake. Back in high school it would be nothing for me to bake banana bread, banana cream pie and a cheese cake all in one night.  This is what happened with my craving:

I wasn’t going to leave the house so I had to find something to bake with what I had on hand. Ohhhh, I have brownie mix, the search for brownie ______ was on.

After an extensive search on Pinterest I decided on Browine Batter Frosting and it was made.

Hmmmm I still have half the bag of brownie mix left, I should just mix it up and bake it, so I did. Hmmm, that is a lot of chocolate and it could really use something else, like a caramel something else.

Now the search is on for a homemade caramel sauce. I could find lots of receipes but…I had no heavy cream 😦 Wait, what is this that I see… A receipe that replaces heavy cream with coconut milk! I have coconut milk! Caramel sauce is made.

Holes poked in brownies and caramel is poured over, let is cool and top it off with the frosting. Mmmmm, I can’t wait for the kids to take a nap so I can devour the whole pan myself. For now I will just take a forkful or two…

Hmmmm it, taste good, but not satisfying. Maybe another forkful, hmmmm, yup still not quite doing it. One more forkful, yup that’s it, my stomach hurts! You know what would taste good veggie juice. What?? Veggie juice? Did I really just think that, what is going on with me? I would rather have veggie juice then a brownie.

Moral of the story, trust the process. I have been having my Shakeology everyday, eating healthier (for the most part) and just recently started drinking veggie juice.  Now I would prefer to have veggies over a brownie, I never thought that day would come.

Love Always … Tam

Ps. After I realized I wanted veggies instead of brownies I tossed the whole pan in the trash and made some veggie juice. Moving Forward.


Obligatory New Years Post


Obligatory New Years PostSo here it is, my New Years post, the one that will (hopefully) define how I will be in the new year. That I promise to better myself and lose those extra 10 (or 100) pounds. Will this be the year I will actually stick to my resolution?

This year’s resolution will be a little different then years past. Instead of just resolving to just lose weight (which is still a big part for me) I have decided that… My resolution this year is…. To do the best for me and keep moving forward. Meaning, when prompted at a situation I will ask myself “is this the best for me?” Is it best for me to get up and work out or sleep in? That answer will most always be to get out of bed! Is it best for me to eat pizza tonight with my family or go for a healthier alternative? This one is where I will change my way of thought… At that moment is the family time more important then what I eat… And sometimes Pizza will win. This then leads me to the next part of my resolution, to keep moving forward, if I chose to have pizza that night, fine, it’s done and move forward. No feeling guilty about eating it, no taking a few days off from healthy eating, just move on.

Happy New Year

I also have few other goals for 2016, Double my income with Beachbody, Pay off my last student loan…. If you know me I love a good old fashion planner, the kind you write in with a pen and has nothing to do with your smart phone. I found a bloom Vision Planner and I love it! Besides your normal planner stuff it has, your goals for the month and then how are you going to make those goals happen. That is the part I really like, actually having to write down how are you going to achieve these goals.

Plans in place, I have already stuck to two of my goals today (cleaning out the pantry and blogging at least 1x a week) but I missed out on one (Shakeology daily) and I’m ok with it, moving forward, tomorrow’s a new day.

Love Always … Tam

Shakeology Recipes: Fall and Summer Throwback


What has my life come to, it is Friday night and I am at home looking up new Shakeology recipes!! But I am just so excited that my new Vanilla Shakeology will be here next week. It is now October, so all you hear about is pumpkin spice everything. However I am not a pumpkin lover, so I have a couple of Fall Apple Shake recipes to bring on those lovely Fall feelings.

Apple Shake

Not to forget about Summer I found two Summer Throwback recipes- Pina Colada and Root Beer Float….take me back to summer!

Pina Root Shake

Speaking of October the new monthly promotions are out and guess what is on special this month…. my favorite… 21 Day Fix! This month when you purchase the 21 Day Fix Challenge pack you save $70! If you have been waiting to try it out this is a great opportunity, plus think of the pounds you could lose before the Holiday season (Thanksgiving is just over a month away). Click below if you would like to contact me to learn more or you can click on the 21 Day Fix to go directly to order your Challenge Pack.

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Love Always … Tam

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Non-Scale Goals: A Sweatshirt, Jeans and The Doctor


I don’t know about you but most of the time I judge myself on having a successful or bad week based off the number on the scale. I tend to not pay attention to the other things that are improving with my body like having more energy or not waking up and feeling all bloated. This is why I have decided to dedicate the next 4 weeks to a couple non-scale goals.

NIU Shirt

For the past two years I have gone with my friend Debbie to see her son play football at Northern Illinois University. Last year I purchased the sweatshirt above, this year it is fitting a little tight. On October 24th we will be on our way to NIU for our annual trip, I would like wear this sweatshirt again and to have it fitting comfortably. I also dug out a pair of jeans from my closet that I haven’t had on in a while, they were a bit tight. My goal for the jeans is that when I wear them they don’t dig into my belly! So, deep breath, here is my before picture of my NIU outfit….


To accomplish my goals I will be starting with a 3-Day Refresh on Wednesday (as long as it comes in the mail by then). Then I will follow that up with a round of 21-Day Fix and Shakeology. To track my progress I will be weighing myself and taking measurements on the first day of the 3-Day Refresh and the first 21 Day Fix. I will not re-weigh or measure until the day following, the last day of the 21 Day Fix. This will be hard for me, I will probably have to remove the scale from my house, but I don’t want the scale to define my progress. To hold myself accountable I will be giving day by day updates on my Facebook page. And if you really want to follow along I plan to overshare with pictures and quite possibly videos of my food and workouts on my Snapchat account @tamcam10. If I know that you are out there following along (and I’m hopefully inspiring you) it holds me accountable to do as I say.

My other non-scale goal has to do with that lovely yearly exam at the doctors. For the last 5 years the doctors has said to me “well it looks like you have put on some weight” My goal is to not hear that statement at my visit. I would like to hear “you have lost some weight” but I am good with being the same as last year.

So here is to goals and not letting the scale define them!

Love Always … Tam 
“If you just keep moving forward, you will amaze yourself”

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The weekend and my Birthday…


So this weekend was spent at the family cabin. We left Friday afternoon so my eating up until then was great! When we got to the cabin it was another story… one night we had a deep fried smorgasbord! Then there was one night of drinking, followed by some cardio aka dancing. I did make some good choices I got my Skakeologly in everyday, I swam with the kids instead of sitting on the boat and I made sure to get in a good amount of veggies. Come Monday morning the scale reflected my choices made… not too bad, but not as good as it could of been. But instead of drowning my sorrows in food, I got to play with these really cute kittens at the vet… it was hard not to take them home.

Monday was also my birthday and I thought I was getting by with no cake. Then my mom felt guilty with no cake and that my daughter didn’t get me anything so she had her decorate some cupcakes all by herself for me. It was cute and she was so proud of herself.

I posted this quote to my Facebook page because it rings so true and I have to remember that this isn’t going to be easy and that I need to take things one day at a time…



Love Always … Tam

21 Day Fix-First 4 Days


So it’s Thursday night and I completed the first 4 days of the 21 Day Fix. Here is how it went….

Midweek the week before I had decided to sign up as a Beachbody Coach and start with a 21 Day Fix   challenge pack. Immediately after I signed up I was invited to a few Facebook groups to help me get started on my challenge as well as the Coaching side of things. At this point I was more focused on the challenge and paid close attention to my challenge group. The challenge group usually starts the week before your challenge so that you can be prepared when the challenge starts. From here I was able to get some recipes of the week and a better understanding of the 21 Day Fix program. So Saturday night, armed with my shopping list, I set out for a late night grocery store run all alone.

Sunday morning I started my meal prep, cut veggies, cooked chicken, oh crap I forgot to thaw out the burger. Meal prep ended up being a two step processes as I had to wait for the burger to thaw. All in all I would say it went pretty good. I spent around 4 hours total on meal prep and clean up, but it really wasn’t bad the time just flew by.

Monday, Day 1 started out with me undressed in front of my good friend Debbie as she took my before pictures. Now Debbie let me tell you had posted her before pictures onto our challenge group, she is one brave cookie. See those pictures was really alarming… wow had I let myself go. When I look in the mirror I usually stick to looking at the upper half and think to myself “I don’t look that bad” Well not with these pictures it is all out for you to see.  After that is was time to start my day. Day one was a tough one, I was hungry and had headaches (caffeine withdrawal). I felt like I was eating all day but when I added everything up I found out that I actually had a lot more left that I could have eaten. Some changes were made for day 2.

My pack wasn’t supposed to be delivered until Tuesday but the post office let me pick it up from them on Monday! Yeah for living in a small town!

Tuesday, Day 2. Today was my first day of trying Shakeology, I have the chocolate flavor. It tasted good, isn’t wasn’t the chocolate milk shake I really wanted, but the thought of all the goodness going into my body and I got to have chocolate was the best! First day I added almond milk, water, greek yogurt and Coconut extract for an Almond Joy Shakeology. Found out that hummus is not my thing, so I found a recipe for a ranch veggie dip that uses cottage cheese (yeah protein)! However I had a moment of weakness at Walmart, this is my trouble place and someday I will tell you more about it. I relapsed so you could say and bought a package of Oero’s and devoured half the package before picking up the kids. So of course the thoughts stream thru my head… you are only on day 2 how can you give up so easily, they didn’t even taste that good, was it worth it….I was ashamed to say the least. Tomorrow is another day and I can do better.

Wednesday, Day 3. I need to get more veggies in so I added spinach to my Shakology. I also went for a Recess flavor and added some nut butter to it. Someone stole my cup and didn’t want to give it back!

Thursday, Day 4. I am actually finding it hard to eat all the food, shocking I know coming from a fat person, but it seems like all I do is eat! I have been stepping on the scale so I know that it is working and that keeps me going. We are leaving for the family cabin tomorrow so I will have a challenging weekend ahead, plus it is my Birthday on Monday! I already know that I will be bringing up lots of veggies and I figured apples & almonds are a good snack that I can just go and grab. I also have some leftover chicken that I am going to make a version of Chicken Cashew Salad (made with homemade mayo) to bring with. The rest I am going to have to play be ear and trust myself to make good choices.
Love Always … Tam