Happy New Year!


Ahhhh we are already 3 days into the new year and I can say that I have stuck with two of my resolutions!! I think that is the longest I have made it 🙂 What are those two resolutions you ask, you didn’t but just play along with me….

#1 Give up Drinking Pop!
For a long time I didn’t consider my self a pop drinker, I rarely bought a 12 pack to keep at the house and usually only drank it when I went out to eat. But then slowly I started drinking more and more and then I would stop at the gas station almost every morning to buy a bottle (or two if we are being honest) and it just got out of control. So to better my body & my wallet I have resolved to give up drinking pop in 2017. I asked a group that I am part of what they suggested to kick my habit and there were lots of good suggestions. I have decided to try an alternative “fizzy” drink, teas and just more water.

#2 Get to ONEderland!
Onederland is the magical place of being in the 100’s on the scale. It has been some time, about 7 years, since I have been there and I can’t wait to be back. For the month of January I have decided to try and get in 200 miles, tracking with my Fitbit I figured I need to do about 13, 000 steps a day (2000 steps = 1 Mile). I recently upgraded to the Fitbit Alta and love it, my favorite feature is that it displays text messages & phone calls. To help me track my miles I have this paper hanging in my office to mark off my miles every day. You can print off one for your home too, just click 200-miles-january


I am a visual person, so I finally created a vision board. So far I have on there my 200 miles tracker, my spirit animal Skinny Meg and some drawings from my daughter. If you haven’t heard of Skinny Meg I recommend checking her out and ready some of her old blog post, I have been reading her blog for a few years and truly is an inspiration for weight loss, healthy eating and just all around a good person.

I do have a few other New Year’s resolutions and to keep me on track for the year I have assembled the dream team my Vision Planner, Daily Planner & Goal Book, like I said I am a visual person. This is my second year using the Bloom Vision Planner it is like a normal planner with your monthly calendars and weekly views but then they have Monthly Vision Boards. The Daily Planner I use a few times a week, sometimes I just keep a running grocery list on it, but I find that when I just need to write things out and put them into perspective for the day this really helps. And last I have this little Goal Book that I picked up at Michaels, this one is new to me so I will see how it works out pretty much it has a place for your top 10 goals, weekly goal planning and goal motivation. I’ll let you know how helpful this is later on.


Here is to the New Year and making 2017 one to remember!

Love Always … Tam


Beachbody Here I Come! 


Ok, ok I am a long ways from having the idea beach body, however I did join Team Beachbody. Now let me be the first to say that I am not a fan of Multi Level Marketing or anything like that. Just last week I was telling my mom how I just want someone to tell me what to do! My weight is out of control, my eating is out of control and my kids are starting to follow in my horrible eating. Then walks in my friend Debbie a few days later and she tells me how she has joined Team Beachbody and is loving it and her sister has been doing it for a while too. So I give it a look.

My number one thought… I can’t afford that! Initial sticker shock, but then when I added up how much I was spending on fast food and gas station food a month…. I might be saving money in the end.

Second thought…this is something I can do with my family…yes you have to portion out your food with the 21 day fix, but you know what it is just a way to teach you portion control. The meals are meals that we should be eating not mac & cheese and chicken fingers.

Final thought… I can’t lose, well except weight that is. So Last night I signed up as a Team Beachbody Coach!




I have already had an out pouring of support and information from other team members and can’t wait to get started. Now to work on meal planning while gone all weekend, nothing like starting out tough.

I will report back next week with how my first week went.

Love Always … Tam