New House: 5 Ideas for Pantry Doors


One of my favorite things about my future kitchen is the walk in pantry. Right now I have kitchen gadgets and appliances stored in my bedroom, living room and bathroom! You can imagine my excitement of having them all in the kitchen again. Back in high school I had a friend that lived in an old farmhouse, they had a butlers pantry and I was just memorized by it, don’t know why I’m just strange like that.
Here are my top 5 ideas for Pantry Doors

1: Painted Door: If you already have a perfectly good pantry door just add a little paint.

2: Glass Door: This one is by far my favorite. I prefer the frosted glass look just because I don’t think the inside of my pantry will stay cute looking all the time. Of course I will have to add some lettering too! Give any ordinary window that frosted look with these two options: Spray Paint Version or Film Version

3: Barn Board: Who doesn’t love some reclaimed (or DIY) Barn Board? Bonus if you have the room to make it into a slider door.

4: Screen Door: If you are lucky to enough to find a beautiful old screen door, consider using it for your pantry.

5: Chalk Board: Use it to jot down  your grocery list, draw something cool or just keep the kids busy why you cook. Chalk Boards are easy to add with special paint and add a neat element to any room.


Now I need to get busy and find a door with glass on the top or convince my husband to make me one…

Love Always … Tam


New House: While we wait…


While we wait to see on the water situation I have been doing a lot of thinking, mainly about the style/décor of the house. Thinking about paint and furniture, fixtures and appliances … and it terrifies me. I keep thinking about how to pull everything together, if the rooms with flow nicely and most of all find a style that will stand the test of time. We all know those houses that you walk into and are like.. yup this style screams 1970’s.So what kind of style am I going for… I would say Farmhouse/Industrial.  I love white cupboards and white trim mixed with rusty buckets and chicken wire. But in real life I have two kids and a dog and a white house is not going to fly, so I know that dream will have to die. I am confident though that I can still pull off my dream look, with just a little less white in it.

What to do next… as long as we get a green light on the water. In no particular order because I haven’t figured it out yet:

  • Put house up for sale
  • Sell house
  • Get construction loan
  • Meet with builder
  • Get a floor plan made
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Driveway
  • Poleshed
  • Move out of house
  • Lose my Mind, cause I am missing a million more things to do!

Love Always … Tam

New House: The Dream


About six years ago we purchased some land just down the road from our house, with the dream of building on it some day. Last summer we finally updated the living room and kitchen (think stuck in the 80’s) they were the last part that needed to be done. We’ve lived in this house for 13 years and it has pretty much been a 13 year project to get everything updated. Now it is just a matter of de-clutter and a little paint and it should be ready to go on the market. This is of course all happening while trying to get the land ready for a house to be built and building a pole shed so Eric has a place to put all of his shit stuff. It makes my head spin trying to figure out how this will all work!!

This week we actually came up with a floor plan that (I think) we are both happy with. Now it is just a matter of getting it to someone who actually draws floor plans to see if it will work.tamcam10 the dream house plan one level

Here are a few things that we know are non-negotiables for this house:

  • We are having no basement (which is uncommon for Wisconsin)
  • Floors will be cement with in floor heat
  • Master bedroom will be on the West side (so Eric can keep an eye on his pole shed!)
  • I will have my own room, just for me!
  • Attached garage

With every dream you need a vision board aka Pinterest, here are a few pins from my board: Welcome to my Future Home



The next step in this adventure is making sure we can get water,
Until then the dream is at a stand still.

Love Always … Tam

5 Things to Buy Her When You Don’t Know Her Size


Alright I suck at this whole weight loss thing… but you know what I am good at… shopping!!! We have entered the month of November which means it is time to start Christmas shopping (or at least start thinking about it). Every year my husband complains that he “doesn’t know what to buy me” which I call BS on cause I flat out tell him, he just cant remember….we will save that topic for another day. Being a women of plus size, or really just being a women at all, buying things for her that require knowing a size can be quite tricky. So this year lets skip that whole awkward “you can exchange it for another size” reaction and get her a gift that will be sure to fit!

1) Midi Rings: These are made not to fit where you traditionally wear a ring, so they are perfect when you don’t know her ring size. They also come in a variety of styles so you will be sure to find something for her.il_570xN.816298244_cqy1[1]

2) Custom drink ware: is she a coffee drinker… or does she prefer a glass of wine… is she one to track her water intake…. or does she like to keep you guessing if it’s Vodka or not? (p.s. I’m the last one)


3) Designer Wristlet: You will get a gold star for knowing about designers and  she will use it. (plus if you end up having to hold it be the end of a date, it looks better then having to hold a gigantic purse!)

8944387_fpx[1]4) Socks: Yup I said it, the number one hated Christmas gift (according to my dad), get her socks. I’m not talking your generic cotton blend white socks, I’m talking about cool socks. You can find everything from cats on socks, if you can read this…socks, I even found socks with a very subtle “fuck off” on the back of the sock… it’s just so cute it peaks out from the top of your tennis shoes.


5) Personalized Key Chain: They say “I carry you around wherever I go” and then adding in the personalization lets her know you were paying attention! This Etsy page has just about everything… my favorite is below…


Bottom line, as long as you put in some effort she is going to love it, but I probably wouldn’t just buy her the socks….

Love Always … Tam


That one time I tried to make a Unicorn Cake 


So this last weekend we had some family over for Vivian’s birthday. My kids always get amazing cakes made by their grandma for their birthday just like she did for us growing up (who am I kidding she still makes me a birthday cake!) While browsing through Pinterest Viv and I decided on a Unicorn cake for this years birthday.

Since this year’s cake looked relatively easy I decided that I wanted to do most of the work, with my mom by my side of course.

Sunday morning we headed over to my mom’s to get decorating, she had already baked the cakes for me (Thanks Mom!) we layered the cakes and and added the white frosting.

And made the horn and ears. Since I’m only semi-crafty I made the horn out of an ice cream cone painted gold (edible gold spray I found at Wal-mart) and the ears out of marshmallows. I used the square marshmallows,cut them diagonally, then sprayed some of the gold onto wax paper and painted that on.

Viv picked out the colors that she wanted and we mixed up little bowls of each color. Once again since I’m only semi-crafty we used the pre-made bucket of frosting from Wal-Mart, it taste good, cost is decent and cuts your time in half!  We then loaded the frosting bag alternating different colors (this worked well except green+orange make brown, avoid putting those together) I then began to swirl and swirl and things started to come together….

The cake looked really good, like better then I had imagined!

And then disaster started the strike!!! The frosting in the back started pulling away from the cake!! What do we do?!?! Quick snap a picture with the birthday girl….

Put the cake in the fridge so maybe the frosting will harden. Open the door two minutes later and find this!!! Well actually this picture is of when my mom took the frosting and pieced part of it back together!! I was too busy cleaning the frosting off the fridge shelves to get a picture of it before she started fixing it.

Thank goodness for my mom, she saved the cake and made things right in the world like mom’s do!!

Lessons learned- 1) Leave the fancy cakes for the professional. 2) I guess there is such a thing as too much frosting on a cake 3) Always have mom close by

Love Always … Tam

Wake Up!


Why is it that sometimes (ok most the time) your kids just know how to pull at your heartstrings….
Viv is on Spring Break and yesterday she spent the day with me at work aka Grandma’s house. She had been playing on the swing set and asked me to come watch her new trick. I said just give me a minute.  She responds with “Mom you are always busy. Why can’t you spend more time with us? Can’t you come out and play with us?”


I know that she is just a kid and that she doesn’t understand all the grown up stuff … like money doesn’t just appear in your piggy bank and the clothes don’t wash themselves, but she is right. After she called me out she went over the ways that I could be home earlier at night to play with them… Can’t you go to work before I get on the bus? But who will watch you and brother? We can go over to Grandma’s house. Or why don’t you and brother leave for daycare right after I get on the bus? Yup, that would work…
But that would mean I would have to Wake Up Early!!

Wake Up TamCam10

I am not a morning person! Like many others, I so foolishly thought that once you became an adult or parent you magically became a morning person, in reality its just the opposite. And I know that I really should get up earlier and that it would probably make my life easier, but who wants to crawl out of that nice, warm, comfy bed to be an adult! Fine kid you win, I will try and be a morning person. This morning was a test run, I was up early and out the door (yeah!) Except there was no school and dad was home to get the kids ready, next week is the real deal. But today, today I promised a little girl a bike ride and dinner at the park. So I’m leaving with plenty of daylight and sunshine left to spend some time with my kids.

Love Always … Tam