Sexting Your Best Friends?!

I saw this story come across my Facebook newsfeed tonight “Why I sext my best friends” I was intrigued so I clicked and started to read. Go ahead click on the picture below and read, it is worth the five min. Then come back and finish reading my post.

  Did you read it? Not quite what you thought it was going to be about was it? Working in the photography business, dabbling a bit in boudoir and beauty photography,  I can tell you first hand how empowering pictures like that are. In fact here is a picture I did a few years back.

As I was doing my hair and makeup I almost started to transform, my confidence started to build. Now this picture has been Re-pinned via Pinterest nearly 1000 times! Eeek!

I do want to tell you that your body is an amazing little skin house your soul lives in, and you only get one, and you sure as hell better admire it every day.

– Nora McInerny Purmort

Now repeat what Nora said and believe it every day.

Love Always … Tam


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