Elf on the Shelf: Five Ideas (we did)

Time to get caught up on our Elf on the Shelf’s from the past few days.
Starting off with what I like to call the Jingle Light Tangle, Looks like they are trying to pull off a Houdini type stunt.

Followed by: Do you want a s’more?
How can I have some more of nothing….
Anyone catch that Sandlot reference, anyone?

Up Next is, Do You Wanna Make a Snow Flake? Using toilet paper of course.

I Was Cold. Now I’m Toasty.
Toasty, Toast.. Get it? The kids didn’t find this as funny as we did.

This one was my mom’s way of getting the kids an early Christmas present. The Elves wrapped up a gift (and themselves) for the kids.

Elf on the Shelf All Wrapped Up tamcam10

Hope you are having fun following along with our Elf on the Shelf. As much as I wish it was already Christmas Eve and we were done, it is fun seeing the kids every morning looking for the elves.

Love Always … Tam


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