Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Are Not Tile

Let’s talk Kitchens.

Backsplashes to be exact.

Why do we even have back splashes? Backsplashes are there to protect your walls from all the messes you make at the sink, stove and anything else you do on your countertop.

Tile is the most common kitchen backsplash. But what if you don’t want tile? What if you want something different?

Right now my kitchen is literally a cement floor, one wall and a cut out for a window. But we have already pick out our cabinets, hardware and countertop. The last big thing I have to decide on is what kind of backsplash I want. White Subway Tile is the top contender for my kitchen backsplash, but I am not 100% convinced.

So I decided to venture on the internet and my local home improvement store to see what else could be used as a kitchen backsplash that are not tile.


I didn’t have to venture too far for this first option as I used it at our last house and it is probably the cheapest and easiest option, Embossed Wallpaper. I found my roll at our local home improvement store in clearance, here are a few other varieties they had, Click.  I liked this roll of embossed wallpaper because it gave the look of vintage ceiling tiles and it was paintable. It was also easy to install and I did it without Eric’s help. I ended up painting it the same color as my walls because I didn’t want it to stand out too much. I also recommend running a line of caulk on the bottom between the wallpaper and countertop. Excuse the bad pictures as I took these before ever thinking of blogging.Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Embossed Wallpaper Paintable tamcam10 2

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Embossed Wallpaper Paintable tamcam10

This next option was a strong contender in my last kitchen, I even brought samples home to see which one I was going to get, Ceiling Tins. I love the look that these Ceiling Tins give your kitchen, you get that added vintage kitchen feel without redoing your whole ceiling and they come in a variety of metal finishes. If we were going to stay in that house longer I would’ve gone for the Ceiling Tins, but I new we would be moving soon.

Ceiling Tin Kitchen Backksplash Ideas tamcam10

Ceiling Tin Kitchen Backsplash 1

Sticking with the vintage theme, what about some good old Beadboard for a Kitchen Backsplash? Traditionally you would see Beadboard used as wainscoting on the lower half of a wall, but it is a great option for a kitchen backsplash too.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Bead Bord
Kitchen by Cushman Design Group

Don’t forget about the ever so popular Shiplap Siding that Joanna Gaines brought into all of our homes via TV or on your walls. It kind of reminds me of a a more hip Beadboard.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Shiplap
Kitchen by All Things with Purpose

What if you wanted to do something that it completely unique to your house and no one could ever have the same, think pennies. Yes a good old copper penny, well pennies cause you are going to need a lot of them. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Image from Forget Him Knot

Corrugated Metal isn’t just for barns and roofs, it belongs in the kitchen too. Plus if it is durable enough to withstand mother nature, you know it will survive anything your kitchen throws at it.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Corugated Metal

This next idea is a little too clean line for me, but when you think about it, it is a great material for a kitchen backsplash. You can wipe it clean and shine it up with a little Windex , write notes on it with Dry Erase makers…glass. Yup glass just like your mirrors and windows.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Glass

Cork Board is an Eco-friendly product that you may want to consider. Cork is actually harvested with out cutting down the tree. Even better it is a natural fire retardant. You can find it almost anywhere and it can easily be applied and cut to fit your back splash area.

Kitchen Backsplash Corkboard Emilya Clark

If you are still on the fence about what kind of Kitchen Backsplash you want, consider giving it a coat of paint. Just not any coat of paint though go for some chalkboard paint.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Chalkboard Paint

Now if you still did want to go with a traditional tile look but you weren’t blessed with the masonry talent and don’t want to hire it out… You can go with the peel and stick option. Peel and stick tiles have come a long way and there are tons of options. Best part is they are easy to apply, no waiting for grout to dry, actually there is not grout at all! Here are a few options I found from a quick Amazon Search.

Can you even tell that this tile is peel and stick and not the real thing?!?!? Check out Julia’s play by play of her install on her Blog.


Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Peel and Stick tagandtibby
Check out Julia’s play by play of her backsplash install Here!

It’s always hard to end these post.. I feel like I write the same thing.. so here it goes…

I hope you got some ideas for your kitchen backsplash, let me know if you give any a try!

Love Always … Tam


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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Aren't Tile tamcam10



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