Where has Summer Gone?!

How is it that the kids go back to school next week?!?!?! Where has Summer gone?!

Despite the big “C” going on we have stayed pretty busy this summer, all while social distancing of course.

The kids have been busy dividing their time between Grandparents, the Cabin and work with me. I have been trying to not go crazy because they are always around! Covid has definitely solidified that home schooling is not my jam.

We have been in the new house for 9 months now! Eric has been busy getting the landscaping done and even planning out our back patio for the future. I however am pretty sure that I still have boxes I haven’t unpacked… whoops.

Even though my unpacking skills are subpar, my decorating skills have been on fire since moving to this house. I am becoming my mother, except I refuse to use doilies. It may only be August but I have been working on my Fall decor for two weeks now and home to have it completed this weekend. Pictures to come.

Last week we took in two orphaned kittens, so I basically have two newborn children I am feeding round the clock. Fingers crossed I keep them alive! I think we have made it thru the hardest part but they are still pretty vulnerable.

The kids start school on Tuesday and as excited as I am for them to go back, I just hope that it goes smoothly and they are able to finish out the entire year this term. We have stockpiles of masks and hand sanitizer. Viv is entering middle school this year and was excited to get to change clothes for gym class and to wear deodorant… slow down little girl!

That is all for now, next week I can’t wait to share with you pictures of my Fall Decor!

Love Always… Tam


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