My first blog post

My first blog post, what to write….

First let me tell you about myself; I am a Women, Wife to Eric and Mother to Vivian & Declan. I recently celebrated my 31st birthday, I work with my mother at her photography studio, I am overweight.  My filter is broken, my grammar sucks and so does my spelling (so don’t call me out on that stuff I am well aware of it) I like to take lots of pictures of my kids and tell cute stories about them (if that doesn’t interest you, move along) I also love food and crafting!

Why did I start this Blog? I have been contemplating this for quite sometime, Will anyone want to read about my life? What will I write about? Will I have time to write? I finally just decided to go for it. I will be sharing with you my ups and downs in parenting, how to be a good wife, finding myself again and my weight journey. I want this blog to serve as a digital diary of my life, a place to connect with like minded people and to give me a purpose.

So here I going trying my hand at this Blogging thing

Love Always … Tam

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