I’ll Start on Monday

Husband “I thought you were on a diet?”

Me “I’ll start on Monday”

I am one of those people who is always trying to lose weight. I have always been a body conscious person but it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I actively started to try losing weight, before my wedding. By actively trying to lose weight I mean a constant yo-yo of lose weight-gain weight. Over the years I have gained more then I have lost and could now stand to lose 100+ pounds. I have tried everything from Weight Watchers, starving myself, joining a gym, L. A. Weight Loss, counting calories, liquid diet, joining a Biggest Loser program….. some have worked, some have not (for obvious reasons). Even when things did work, I didn’t see it until it was too late and I had already gained back weight. I keep waiting for my ah-ha moment when it all clicks, I am motivated and everything just falls into place. Does that moment exist? Do you know when it happens? Did I let my moment pass me by?

The last thing I was successful at with losing some weight was joining a Biggest Loser program at a local gym. The organizer is all about changing your life style for the better and it worked, I lost 19lbs in 3 months (with cheating) At the time I didn’t think 19lbs made a difference in the way I looked and when people complemented me on my weight lose, I just thought they were being nice to the fat lady. Now I look back and remember how those black pants were so loose on me they were almost falling off and now they are too tight. I would have loved to continue with the gym but I didn’t have the money and I felt like I never saw my kids (you will learn that I like to make a lot of excuses) My goal after completing the Biggest Loser program was to incorporate what I had learned at home. I still do refer back to that information, but not as much as I should.

Well, here we are it is Monday again, will this be The Monday?

Love Always … Tam


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