Happy New Year!

With the new year comes resolutions and like always my first one it to lose weight. Most years I am pump and motivated at this time and get a good start on things. This year I am just not into it. So I have decide to take up a new project/resolution … a Playroom Makeover!!  This summer I got rid of my dinning room set so the kids could have that room as a playroom, really I should just call it “the room you throw all your toys in” because that is what is looks like!!!

Messy Play Room
Messy Play Room

That room had gotten out of control! First plan of action is to clean everything out of that room. Done!

Cleaned out Playroom
Cleaned out Playroom

Now my ideas for the room include, a stage, dress up clothes storage, a reading area, a Declan (aka boy) area and Vivian/Art Area. I have already purchased most of the items and have been doing some painting so hopefully in the next two weeks it will be complete!

Love Always … Tam



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