My First Dia Box

I’m sure most of you have hear of Stitch Fix, where you get a box in the mail with hand picked clothing just for you. Well I have always wanted to try it but they don’t carry big enough sizes 😦  The other week I was scrolling through Pinterest and I saw a Pin for  Dia & Co and the caption read something like …plus sized fashion delivered to you…. So I gave their web site a look around, same deal as Stitch Fix just bigger sizes, size 14 and up, yes up not down! 

I decided to give it a go and started the process of ordering my first box. You answer a bunch of questions about your style, colors you like, what to avoid and your price range. I choose the option for each piece to be $50 or less, cause mama ain’t rich and if I liked every piece I was looking at $250 a box…. Or was it that expensive…. 

It wasn’t even a week before my box arrived, it was like Christmas waiting for it to get here, except it had tracking and I rushed home to get it as soon as it had arrived. 

There was a nice note for me from my stylist, explaining the pieces she had chosen and ideas on how to wear them. They were all nicely wrapped up in tissue paper, until I ripped it open! At first glance I liked everything except the skirt, the pattern/color was a little off my style. But to my surprise everything fit and it fit well. So I decided to keep them all!!! 

I already have plans to wear the dress for an upcoming wedding. The tunics I’m still figuring out how to wear/style cause I’ve never worn them before. The necklace perfectly describe my style and colors I love. And the skirt, even though I didn’t like it at first when I put it on it fit well and camoflauged some areas I like to hide, so it’s a keeper. 

In the end the entire box ended up costing me just over $150 which I was very comfortable with. For keeping everything in the box you get a 20% discount. Here is exactly what I spent: 

I plan on purchasing another Dia Box in September/October (if I can wait that long) to get a few fall pieces. If anyone wants to check it out and receive their own Dia box click here: Dia & Co

Watch for me to “model” my outfits soon! 

Love Always … Tam


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