County Fair!!

I love going to the County Fair and now both of my kids are big enough to go on rides so that means more fair time!! We went to the fair 3 out of the 4 days. Day one was wrist band night, you get to ride as many rides as you want for $20, both kids rode more then their $20 so it was well worth it. This was Declan’s first year being tall enough to ride and he loved it.


They also found this Polaris Razor that was the perfect size for them and begged daddy to buy it… better start saving up now kids!


Friday night Uncle Joe pulled his truck at the Truck Pull. The kids were so excited to see him do it and Declan could not get enough of all the load trucks.


The plus side of all this walking means I did very well on my Fitbit Challenges and just meeting my goals in general. I won one Workweek Hustle and earned 2 Urban Boot badges (15,000 steps in a day) not too bad since normally I’m luck to get in 8,000 steps a day. I also made it through the weekend without gaining any weight and still enjoying all of my favorite fair food. Two cheers for moderations!


Saturday night I got all prettied up cause Eric and I were going to the Tractor Pull (if you didn’t know I live in a small, rural county in Wisconsin) without kids. While walking around at the fair a girl (high school age) turns to me and says…Ma’am I love your hair…. I thanked her for the compliment and then thought to myself who is this Ma’am she speaks of!!! Man I am getting old 😦 But at least she was poliet and she liked my hair….maybe I am still hip…..I was having a really good hair day!


All in all it was a great weekend, until next year County Fair.
This coming weekend something big is happening, life changing for our family…..stay tuned.

Love Always … Tam


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