That one time I tried to make a Unicorn Cake 

When I’m looking back on it the story will start, remember that one time I tried to make a Unicorn Cake…Pinterest Fail, learn from my mistake.

unicorn cake pinterest fail learn from my mistake

So this last weekend we had some family over for Vivian’s birthday. My kids always get amazing cakes made by their grandma for their birthday just like she did for us growing up (who am I kidding she still makes me a birthday cake!) While browsing through Pinterest Viv and I decided on a Unicorn cake for this years birthday.

Since this year’s cake looked relatively easy I decided that I wanted to do most of the work, with my mom by my side of course.

Sunday morning we headed over to my mom’s to get decorating, she had already baked the cakes for me (Thanks Mom!) we layered the cakes and and added the white frosting.

And made the horn and ears. Since I’m only semi-crafty I made the horn out of an ice cream cone painted gold (edible gold spray I found at Wal-mart) and the ears out of marshmallows. I used the square marshmallows,cut them diagonally, then sprayed some of the gold onto wax paper and painted that on.

Viv picked out the colors that she wanted and we mixed up little bowls of each color. Once again since I’m only semi-crafty we used the pre-made bucket of frosting from Wal-Mart, it taste good, cost is decent and cuts your time in half!  We then loaded the frosting bag alternating different colors (this worked well except green+orange make brown, avoid putting those together) I then began to swirl and swirl and things started to come together….

The cake looked really good, like better then I had imagined!

And then disaster started the strike!!! The frosting in the back started pulling away from the cake!! What do we do?!?! Quick snap a picture with the birthday girl….

Put the cake in the fridge so maybe the frosting will harden. Open the door two minutes later and find this!!! Well actually this picture is of when my mom took the frosting and pieced part of it back together!! I was too busy cleaning the frosting off the fridge shelves to get a picture of it before she started fixing it.

Thank goodness for my mom, she saved the cake and made things right in the world like mom’s do!!

Lessons learned- 1) Leave the fancy cakes for the professional. 2) I guess there is such a thing as too much frosting on a cake 3) Always have mom close by

Love Always … Tam

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