5 Things to Buy Her When You Don’t Know Her Size

Alright I suck at this whole weight loss thing… but you know what I am good at… shopping!!! We have entered the month of November which means it is time to start Christmas shopping (or at least start thinking about it). Every year my husband complains that he “doesn’t know what to buy me” which I call BS on cause I flat out tell him, he just cant remember….we will save that topic for another day. Being a women of plus size, or really just being a women at all, buying things for her that require knowing a size can be quite tricky. So this year lets skip that whole awkward “you can exchange it for another size” reaction and get her a gift that will be sure to fit!

1) Midi Rings: These are made not to fit where you traditionally wear a ring, so they are perfect when you don’t know her ring size. They also come in a variety of styles so you will be sure to find something for her.il_570xN.816298244_cqy1[1]

2) Custom drink ware: is she a coffee drinker… or does she prefer a glass of wine… is she one to track her water intake…. or does she like to keep you guessing if it’s Vodka or not? (p.s. I’m the last one)


3) Designer Wristlet: You will get a gold star for knowing about designers and  she will use it. (plus if you end up having to hold it be the end of a date, it looks better then having to hold a gigantic purse!)

8944387_fpx[1]4) Socks: Yup I said it, the number one hated Christmas gift (according to my dad), get her socks. I’m not talking your generic cotton blend white socks, I’m talking about cool socks. You can find everything from cats on socks, if you can read this…socks, I even found socks with a very subtle “fuck off” on the back of the sock… it’s just so cute it peaks out from the top of your tennis shoes.


5) Personalized Key Chain: They say “I carry you around wherever I go” and then adding in the personalization lets her know you were paying attention! This Etsy page has just about everything… my favorite is below…


Bottom line, as long as you put in some effort she is going to love it, but I probably wouldn’t just buy her the socks….

Love Always … Tam



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