It’s a Done Deal!

Well folks as of Thursday it was a done deal with selling our house. The closing was really strange, so I didn’t consider it done until I saw the money in the bank. We actually signed papers for our part of the closing on May 25th. The buyers are from out of state so our papers we sent to their title company, the buyers still weren’t in that state, so from what I understand they did their part of the closing via computer on May 30th. Finally the funds were wired to our account on the 31st and it was a done deal! It is now a week later and nobody has moved to the house yet!! I’m not a stalker… we are building just down the road so I drive by almost everyday : )

The kids handled the sale pretty well, I think talking up their new bedrooms has helped a bit. Plus we are going to be living at “The Land” which is where they can ride the golf cart and mini 4-wheeler all day long! And we are living at Grandma Sandy’s and she has puppies… so life is pretty good for them right now.

Love Always … Tam



  1. How exciting! What a great adventure for you and your family! Wishing you the best!
    We too are kinda on the same track. We just purchased property that we hope to build on when our current property sells. We thought about living on the new property before and through the build but are moving into father in laws rental home as my son starts school in the new area in just couple months.
    Also huge fans of ATV’s and enjoying them on our property! My husbands needed tools (toys) are our workhorses and enjoyment! Win-win!
    Enjoy !


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