New House: Well Wishes

Somebody better find me a Wishing Well, I have a few “well” wishes to make!


Before we embarked on our well drilling journey we knew that there was a good chance that we would drill into trap rock.  This would make it difficult to find water, but not impossible. It wasn’t long before they hit trap rock, 60 ft if we are counting.  Now the question was did we hit a boulder or an underground mountain range… we found a mountain! So what does that mean: Best case, they keep drilling and find a crack in the mountain with water flowing through it. Our case, they drill 320 ft and barely find water and we resort to extreme “pressures”, Hydrofracking.

|Hydrofracking: Fractures are created by pumping large quantities of fluids at high pressure down a well bore and into the target rock formation.|

I am happy to report that after the Hydrofracking we have water flowing at 2+ gallons a minute, not a huge amount but it is enough for our house.

My advice for anyone drilling a well…Double whatever your budget is for the well (that’s how much we ended up spending) and even if your neighbors wells are 120ft deep and shallower… it doesn’t mean anything!

Love Always … Tam



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