The Return of Elf on the Shelf

Thanksgiving has passed and for most of us parents that means the return of Elf on the Shelf! This year I am taking full advantage of the fact we are living at my parents house and enlisting the help of my mother. She asked the kids about a month ago when the Elves were coming back and they were so excited …time to plan their arrival.

Images from Pinterest

Nothing like saying it loud and clear on the mirror for the kids to find in the morning.

Images from Pinterest

Spell it out with cereal or candy.

Images from Pinterest

Start out with a count down to Christmas… or when the Elves go back to the North Pole!

Images from Pinterest

I like the play on words with this one and breakfast for the kids (yes I will feed my kids donuts for breakfast, the more sprinkles the better)

When in doubt trust the mailman with your special package.

Now which one to do. I’m trying to decide whether to bring them back in November or wait until December 1st. It will probably depend on if they need to return based on the kids behavior. When do you bring back your Elves?


Love Always … Tam



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