New House: 5 Ideas for Pantry Doors

One of my favorite things about my future kitchen is the walk in pantry. Right now I have kitchen gadgets and appliances stored in my bedroom, living room and bathroom! You can imagine my excitement of having them all in the kitchen again. Back in high school I had a friend that lived in an … Continue reading New House: 5 Ideas for Pantry Doors


New House: While we wait…

While we wait to see on the water situation I have been doing a lot of thinking, mainly about the style/décor of the house. Thinking about paint and furniture, fixtures and appliances ... and it terrifies me. I keep thinking about how to pull everything together, if the rooms with flow nicely and most of all find a … Continue reading New House: While we wait…

What’s Up?

What's Up, besides my weight that is....How can you want something so bad, but yet you can't control yourself to get it?  Yesterday as we were watching TV a commercial came on for one of those media-spas that "get rid of your body fat in just one day" Vivian turns and looks at me and … Continue reading What’s Up?