Christmas 2018

This Christmas was busy busy just like years past, we fit in 6 family Christmas’ in the span of a week. You quickly catch up with everyone with what they have been up to for the year and test the limits of your waist band with all the wonderful food. This year we also played pass the flu, which was not fun, but luckily it was the good kind of flu (if that’s even a thing) and it only lasted 24 hours.

Christmas Morning 2018 tamcam10

My favorite part of Christmas this year was Christmas morning with the kids. They were more excited about the gifts they had gotten for us, then opening up their own presents. Guess that means I am doing something right raising these kids. Declan wrapped up a Christmas hat he made at school for Vivian, she loved it and said it was her favorite present.

Christmas Morning 2018 tamcam10 1

Everyone was spoiled, including me. That fact that I am an adult was present when I was excited to open up things like a laundry cart and  stand mixer. But look at how pretty they are! I am supper bummed that most of the things will just get packed up until our house is finished and then I can finally use them all. I also seem to have a thing for mint green.

Christmas 2018 tamcam10 KitchenAid Stand Mixer Industrial Laundry Cart Pioner Women Mint Green

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and are excited for the New Year to come!

Love Always … Tam

Want to get your own adulting Christmas presents or know someone else who would love them? Click on the links below

Rolling Canvas Laundry Cart  Click Here
Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer          Click Here
Pioneer Women Cake Stand    Click Here
Pyrex Portable                            Click Here
3 Tier Rolling Cart                      Click Here
White Serving Tray                   Click Here
Utensil Crock                              Click Here


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