Weekend Top Three: Burgers, Sliding & Thrift Finds

Friday night Eric and I headed to Home Depot to put together our window order for the house. Since Eric works for a window company it was a no brainer on what brand we were getting. We just had to finish decided on what series, handle color and screen options. Man,  windows are expensive.
Since we were out and about with no kids we took advantage and went out for dinner. Milwaukee Burger Company  just moved into the next town over so we went to go check it out. I will say that even after the hour long wait, the food was worth it. Eric got the biggest beer I’ve ever seen, our burgers were cooked to perfection and tasty and they had cheese curd options galore. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the warm blue cheese potato salad, but I tried something different. We will be back again, hopefully next time the wait isn’t as long.

milwaukee burger company tamcam10 date night

Sticking with the burger theme (please don’t hate me with this one) the kids and I tagged along  with family friends to pick up some new Steer Calves. We went to one of the largest milking farms in the area, the kids got to check out the different barns and see where the cows were milked. Then we went back to our friend’s farm and helped watched them get the new calves settled in. The kids and I were more into petting the other calves. I gave the other calves names… Burger Bob, Porterhouse, Sirloin…. I said don’t hate. We come from a hunting family, my kids know where their meat comes from.

Saturday afternoon I snuck away (the perks of living with my parents at the moment, built in babysitters) to an occasional sale. Mom and I had stopped by the day before and there was this table there that I wanted, but walked away from it. So of course I go back the next day to get it. They called it a Bakers Table but I don’t think that is the correct term for it. It is a narrow table and the sides fold up and down, there is also a bread box in the bottom drawer. She looks rough but is in overall good condition, nothing a little paint and some new wheels can’t fix.

thrifting finds bakers table tamcam10

This weekend was seasonably warm again, so the kids took full advantage and played outside. With the warm days and cold nights it is pretty much a skating rink around here, the kids didn’t even need sleds to go down the hill.

no sleds needed sliding wisconsin style tamcam10

Love Always … Tam


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