Walmart Grocery Pickup, Life Changing

It’s Sunday, the kids have eaten your cupboards bare and the last thing you want to do Monday after work is go grocery shopping. Been there, done that. Good news for you, now you can do your grocery shopping and never step foot in the store!

Last year I used Walmart Grocery Pickup when I was on my way to the airport to get my sister. We were having my son’s Birthday party the next day and I just didn’t have time to do the grocery shopping. We didn’t have the Pickup option at our local Walmart so I chose a store that I knew was on my way. Ever since then I have been waiting for our local store to get Grocery Pick Up and about a month ago it finally happened! Pretty sure they are going to know me on a first name basis at the Pickup pretty soon.

If you are interested in trying Walmart Grocery Pickup for the first time click Here to receive $10 off your first order.

This is how I go about my online Walmart Grocery Shopping…

To start download the Walmart Grocery App on your phone or log into your Walmart account online, I use both, simultaneously. If using online click on the Grocery icon at the top of the page. Then simply start searching products and add them to your cart.

walmart grocery pickup how to easy life changing tamcam10

I start my online order as soon as I remember something that I need, usually right after I pick up my order! Your items stay in your cart so you can keep shopping and place your order when you are ready. When you are ready to place your order click “Check Out” pick the Walmart store of your choice and reserve your time slot. They give you an hour time slot selection on the hour. I try to place my order 2 days ahead to make sure I get the time slot I want, but you can usually reserve a time the day before. Once your order is placed you will receive an e-mail confirming so.

If you place your order and then need to add a few things, you can. Simply start shopping like before and click “Add to Existing Order” when you are ready. When you initially place your order they will let you know how long you have to make changes to it.

walmart grocery pickup how to easy life changing tamcam10 3

The time has come for you to pick up your order, before you head to the store Check In and let them know that you are on your way. When you arrive to the store they will know and be out to your car shortly.

Not sure where to Pickup at? When you pull into your Walmart look for the bright orange signs that point to the Pickup location. At our Walmart you can’t miss the whole side of the building that is orange.

walmart grocery pickup how to easy life changing tamcam10 6

After you park an associate will be out in a few minutes. You can stay in your car or get out and meet them, first they will go over any substitutions they may have had to your order. If you do not want the substituted item let them know, they will take it back and remove it from your total. After you sign for your order they will load the groceries in your car for you, I usually make small talk with the associate cause I feel strange just sitting there. Once the groceries are loaded up you are done and ready to drive away. What used to take you hours just took five minutes! Sometimes they even give you a goody bag, like they are rewarding you for your grocery shopping! This last Friday it was a Cheers to a Fresh New Year bag filled with bottled water, apple sauce pouch, an Rx Bar and a couple samples.

walmart grocery pickup how to easy life changing tamcam10 goody bag

I can’t tell you how nice it has been not having to bring kids grocery shopping with me, at least not for my major grocery shops. I’m also saving money by not picking up random items that I think I need while shopping.

Ready to give Walmart Grocery Pickup a try? Don’t forget you can save $10 on your first order. Click Here to get started.

Love Always … Tam


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