Weekend Top Three: Nerf, Ranch & Puppies!

Saturday Dec got to go to a Birthday party at Dart Escape, it is a Nerf gun arena, pretty cool. The kids got one hour of nothing but shooting nerf guns at each other, it was like a dream come true. Best part was that I didn’t have to pick up a single dart! If you are local to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area check it out.


For my mom’s birthday we ordered in dinner from one of the local bars in town. The kids got chicken strips with ranch. After we were done eating Viv exclaims, “That was the worst ranch I’ve ever tasted” so I guess that bar is off her list of Viv approved places to eat! Anyone else’s kids pick restaurants based on something silly?

ranch kids resturants tamcam10

Remember the puppies I told you about in another Weekend Top Three? Well they are now four weeks old and just the cutest things ever! They are leaving us in just a few short weeks so we have all been getting our puppy snuggles in. Every week we do a photo shoot with them so their new families can see them grow up. Here are a couple pictures from yesterday.



You can checkout lots of cute puppy pictures, Here.

Oh and School is canceled again today!! We had some major freezing going on overnight and the roads are just like skating rinks. Spring can come anytime.

Love Always … Tam


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