Weekend Top 3: Birthday, Bonfires & Puppies

This weekend was pretty eventful for a January, usually after the holidays this tend to slow down.

Friday night we hosted a Birthday party for a family friend, it was her Sweet Sixteen. My parents house has a hot tub and a movie projector so pretty much the place for a party. Mom and I have a tendency to over do things and we like to decorate for parties, this one was no different. Since she was turning 16 and not 6 (like the parties we are used to throwing) we did scale it back a bit and only decorated one wall. I have to say I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.

balloons birthday decor curling ribbon tamcam10

The weather this weekend was unbelievably warm for January in Wisconsin, I think we almost hit 40 degrees! Facebook kindly reminded us that last year at this time we were looking at negative 10 degrees. So with weather like this you must take advantage of it,  time for a bonfire.

bonfire January Wisconsin tamcam10

Later Saturday night I had a little unexpected event when my mom’s dog Roxy started going into labor. She wasn’t due until Wednesday but we were all ready for her. Labor and Delivery went well and we helped welcome 8 little puppies into the world.  When my mom went to go back on check on her later there was a surprise 9th puppy!

puppies newborn fox red lab balsam branch kennel tamcam10

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, after staying up all night with the puppies napping was a must.

Love Always … Tam


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