DIY or Buy: Tufted Headboard

When I imagine my “grownup” master bedroom a luxurious hotel room is what I see. Which is funny because I have never been in a luxurious hotel room and I won’t have housekeeping to clean it daily.  However, in this luxurious room of mine is a giant tufted headboard one made for a queen or more like a queen sized bed.

Now that the time is getting close to actually having my grownup bedroom I have to get serious about this headboard.

Decisions, Decisions.

There are hundreds of designs, different fabrics and the choice of  DIY or Buy. As far as design of the head board I have decided that I want a tall one, with a straight top and some sort of side to it. For the fabric a solid color somewhere between white/light grey and a soft material is ideal. Whether to DIY or Buy is still up in the air as I see these headboards going for over $1000 and when things get that expense I usually seek out if I can DIY the project.

If you haven’t taken the time to check out Tufted Headboards yet, let me share with you a few of my favorites and dream tufted headboards that I have found.

This tall, glorious pink tufted headboard is straight out of a castle! If I ever get the itch to travel abroad I will have to check out the Cliveden House in England.

Tufted Headboard Tall Pink Diamond Tuft Favorites
Image from Wish Wish Wish

What says luxury more than a chandelier in your bedroom and check out the ornate design at the top of the headboard.

Tufted Headboard Tall Ornate Luxury Favorites
Image form life_arch

A little more down to earth with this bedroom and tufted headboard with its neutral color palette and realistic decor.

Tufted Headboad Tall White Simple Favorites
Image by Kelly Nan

Now this headboard is almost exactly what I want except I’m not sold on the Nailhead trim.

Tufted Headboad Tall Grey Favorite
Image by Milbrook Modern

Let’s move onto the Buy portion of this post. You can find tufted headboards on all the popular sites like Wayfair, Overstock and Amazon. But don’t forget to checkout your brick and mortar furniture stores too. Here are a few that I found online in the design that I want.

From Wayfair is this extra tall tufted headboard. I said I wanted tall and this one is tall! This headboard is tufted but lacks the diamond design that I like.

Tufted Headboard Extra Tall Wayfair Nailhead Trim Wingback White
Headboard from Wayfair

This headboard comes to you from Overstock and it’s only downfall is that I can only find it in a double/full size and mama needs at least a queen. But otherwise she is a beauty.

Tufted Headboard Buy Linen Wingback
Headboard from Overstock

Remember I said to check out your brick & mortar furniture stores too, this one is from Ashley Furniture and while they do sell online you can also see if your local showroom has one on display. It only comes in Grey and I was leaning towards a lighter color since I plan on painting the wall behind it a dark navy. However, in this picture it pops with the dark wall behind it.

Tufted Headboad Buy Ashley Furniture Grey Dark Walls Wingback
Headboard by Ashley Furniture

This headboard comes from one of my all time favorite Social Media persons, Skinny Meg, and is almost near perfect for what I am looking for.  Click on the picture for all her bedroom details.

Tufted Headboard Buy Linen Wingback (2)
Bedroom from Skinny Meg

If you can’t find a headboard that you like or is in your price range you can always make your own. There are quite a few DIY videos on-line from amature level all the way to professional.

You can tell by this ALO Tutorial that he is a master in tufting, he pays extensive detail to the folds and finishes. Even though he makes it looks easy, this is above my crafting level.

Tufted Headboad DIY Video ALO
Video by Alo

This tutorial follows under my skill set and budget. She uses foam mattress toppers, peg board and spends only $44 to make her tufted headboard.

DIY up cycle DIY-Tufted-Headboard
Tutorial by Home Made by Carmona

I would love to just Buy my tufted headboard and be done with it, but I am leaning towards the DIY for this, I have not found one to buy that I am in love with. Of course no final decisions have to be made quite yet since we still don’t have a house!!

Still Living the House Building Dream

Love Always … Tam




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