Shopping Local: Boutique, Junk and More

The weekend called for cold, rain and the possibility of snow, so when the sun was shining Friday afternoon I seized the opportunity to play hookie from work and have some “Me Time” aka go shopping.  There were a few new Boutique shops that had just opened up so Mom and I made an afternoon of shopping local at some of our favorite and new shops.

Don’t let the name of this first place fool you, they have tons of wonderful treasures, Acme Junk Co. Craig is quite the treasure hunter and finds some of the best large ticket items like old letterpress cabinets, corn crib roof panels and even a Moon Rocket Kiddie Ride. Today’s trip resulted in no new treasures for us, put it is always fun to see what they have.

Next we went to my favorite antique store, The Looking Glass, where I found my Vintage Theater Chairs. They were holding their once a month sale in the basement called The Rabbit Hole. There were lots of new goodies to look at but nothing that came home with us.

Down the road were two new boutique stores we had to check out. Everything I looked at in the first store wasn’t for sale!!! Look at how cute this little retro fan is!
NSF… my three least favorite letters 😦

Vintage Fan Zero Mini tamcam10

The next store reminding me of when mom and I took a stab at our own home decor/upcycled shop. We had a lot of fun the year we gave it a go, but ultimately decided that neither of us were able to invest the time that needed to run a retail business. The  had some of the same stuff we used to sell and I almost bought these cute Farm Animals on Wheels because I didn’t when we had them and have regretted it ever since.


For the last stop we crossed the river to Minnesota to another favorite of ours, River Alley Shoppes. I almost made the trip without spending any money but found a few items I couldn’t pass up, especially for the price. If I ever decide to make the kids clock their time spent online this Time Card Holder will come in handy… but for real I’m thinking a place to hold Christmas cards. Plus it is just a neat piece and for $12 I wasn’t passing it up. On the way out the door I spied this cabinet in the corner, it was $40 and 6ft tall! Good thing we drove the truck cause it was coming home with me.

Then it was time to cross back over the river, get the kids from school and back to reality.
Love Always … Tam


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