Holy Sh!t We’re Building a House: Slow and Steady

The last few weeks there hasn’t been a whole lot of progress and then on Friday it was like….BAM it’s starting to look like a house!!!

The concrete came the next day like I had said in my last post and that all went smoothly. Our exterior walls are like hollow lego blocks (also known as ICF) and in the middle is where the concrete is poured.
(Here is a nice little article on ICF)

After that things kind of came to a stand still waiting for excavation work to be done. There was no more stacking of the “legos” until all of the dirt was filled back in.

building a house, ICF, Insulated Concrete Forms, tamcam10 3

Note to self…Sandals are great for walking around in dirt… next time I will choose more appropriate footwear… but they are so cute!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

I had been told that once they start stacking the “legos” that the walls go up really fast and this is what I came to see after one day!

building a house, ICF, Insulated Concrete Forms, tamcam10 2

This was Friday night, then they came by Saturday to put a few hours in and I hear that all the blocks should be stacked by the end of the day today!!

building a house, ICF, Insulated Concrete Forms, tamcam10
The kids were naughty so I sent them to their rooms!

Sounds like there are more big things in store for this week!
I’ll keep you posted…

Love Always … Tam

Pssst…Check out more of our house building journey Here.


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