Easy Freeze Pops with Alcohol!

Last weekend called for some 80 degree days here in the midwest. For some of you the 80’s are nothing but for us it is HOT! Remember when we were sitting at -50 just a few short months ago? Taking full advantage of this hot weather I made plans to go to the lake with my girlfriend and her daughter.

I always like to bring with something when we go places weather it be a snack or drinks or in this case Adult Freeze Pops! You know like those Freeze Pops you had as a kid but with Alcohol!


Last year I had purchased these ziplock type bags from Amazon, I couldn’t find the exact product but these are similar and come with the funnel… that is important. I only tried them out once and decided this would be a great time to try them again.

Freeze Pop Bags Ziplock

First things first decide what flavor of Freezie Pop you would like and the coordinating alcohol. I went with what I had on hand so I made Strawberry Margarita/Tequila and Blue Raspberry Lemonade/UV Blue Vodka *Disclaimer* This is only the 2nd time I have tried making these so my recipes could still use some tweaking. I used the same ratio of mix/alcohol/ice for each and came out with two different results. Since I was making these the morning of our lake outing I used ice hoping that they would freeze faster.

Freeze Pops Alcohol Blue Raspberry Lemonade Strawberry Margarita tamcam10

Mix together your mix and alcohol, I did 8oz of mix and 4oz of alcohol. Pour into your blender of choice, preferably one that is really good and crushing ice. I used a Ninja Professional blender with the largest cup which I believe is the 24oz size. Fill remainder of cup with ice to the fill line about 1-1.5 cups. Then blend.

Ninja Professional Blender Blends Ice tamcam10

After blending simply pour into the Freeze Pop bags and zip shut. This is where the funnel comes in and makes it a breeze to pour into those little bags. Make sure that you do not pour past the fill line. When I was finished I placed each Freeze Pop into a pitcher I had handy. The pitcher worked great with placing the Freeze Pops in the freezer but I did notice that some of the alcohol sank to the bottom so you got a real punch at the end 🙂 Next time I will try laying them horizontally for better alcohol distribution 😉

Freesze Pops Popscile Bag tamcam10Easy Freeze Pops tamcam10

I took the Freeze Pops out of the freezer about 6 hours later and noticed that the Blue Raspberry ones were froze pretty well. But the Strawberry Margarita ones were all slush on the top and the alcohol sank to the bottom and was not froze. I think this is because I used a premade mix and it contained too much sugar, which lowered the freezing point. After a few days in the freezer they were froze, they just take some extra time.

All in all the Freeze Pops made a great treat on a hot day at the lake!

Strawberry Margarita Freeze Pops Easy Alcohol tamcam10

Strawberry Margarita Freeze Pop
8oz Mr & Mrs T Strawberry Daiquiri-Margarita Mix
4oz Tequila of Choice
1-1.5 Cups of Ice

Blue Rasperry Lemonde Freeze Pops Alcohol

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Freeze Pop
8oz Water + 2 squirts Lemonade drink enhancer
or Lemonade of choice
1-1.5 Cups of Ice

Enjoy and Remember to drink responsibly!

Love Always … Tam

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


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