Holy Sh!t We’re Building a House: Now You See-ment It, Now You Don’t

Lot’s going on since the last post but if you weren’t pay attention you wouldn’t see all the work that’s been done by the end of this post…

First we got the floor drain installed in the garage. It is pretty slick, when it’s all done you will hardly notice it is even there. When the snow melts off the cars in the winter it will just drain all the water away… or if there are water fights, kids washing my car…

Garage Drain Home Building

Next the plumbing was roughed in. They had a couple of kids doing the digging and those boys had the hard job. It was hot and they were doing all the digging with a hand shovels! When they were finished they covered it back up with the sand and all that remained were some tubes sticking out of the ground.

Bad blogger forgot to take a picture of that step. But I did get a picture of this amazing sunset in one of my favorite spots at our new house.

Sunset American Flag Old Car Body America

Then came the pink foam insulation to protect our floors from the cold winter weather.

Pink Foam Insulation Garage Floor Drain Fox Red Lab tamcam10

On top of that the tubing was laid for by far one of the best features of this house….
IN FLOOR HEAT! Not only are we heating the house but the garage and the front porch! If you have never lived through Wisconsin Winter then you don’t understand how amazing this will be.

Pink Foam Insulation In Floor Heat Tubing Wisconsin tamcam10

Finally the biggest part of this segment was they poured our cement floors! It was quite the crew they had out there that morning. In the end the floors were all polished and smooth. Check out the cool ride the one guy had…

Concrete Floors Poured Cement Home Building tamcam10

Poured Concrete Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors Poured Cement Home Building tamcam10

Next time I will get a picture of the floors after they are all dried. I learned that cement hardens best if you keep it wet, so the kids and Eric were watering the cement just like you would water a lawn.

Concrete Floors Poured Cement tamcam10
Photo Credit to Eric, of course I wasn’t there when they were having all the fun.

I also managed to convince Eric to go and pick up a new (to us) dining room table. It’s a little beat up, but it was the style I was looking for, for the right price, so I got it. Only a sneak peek of the for now.

Dining Table Farm House Table Benches

I’m not sure what is next on the list to be done, I believe the roof trusses go up, but I haven’t heard when. Oh and they will be coming to finish pouring the cement on Friday, it was too much for one day so they  have the front porch left.

Love Always … Tam

Pssst! Check out more of our Home Building, Here.


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