Holy Sh!t We’re Building a House: Big, Big Things Happened , Huge!

Big, Big things happened last week, Huge!

First the concrete was poured for the front porch, so now all of our concrete work is done. Look at these cute leaves they pressed in by the front door.

Concrete Front Porch Leaf Impression Home Building

Then they set the rafters…

Home Building ICF House Roof Rafters

… and the roof waterproofed, which I believe consisted of plywood and Tyveking over the rafters. (Disclaimer, I am not builder if you haven’t figured that out by now ; )


And then…
…probably the part I have been waiting for the most…
they put up all the walls!!

Home Building New Construction

Two years ago we started designing this house all by ourselves. Well I designed. Eric told me the garage had to be this size, our room on this end of the house and one roof line. The rest I could decide on.


It is so surreal seeing my plans come to life.img_1587

That big empty space is for my giant island!

Yesterday they got most of the windows in. There was a little mishap with four of them, the opening were made too small. In regular construction this really wouldn’t be an issue, you would just move a few boards. In our case this requires chiseling away a couple inches of cement per window! Good news they seem to have it figured out and the windows should be in soon.

Andersen Windows New Construction Building a House

By chance I ran into our kitchen girl and she was able to stop out the same day to measure our kitchen so we can finalize the plans and get cabinets ordered!!

Not sure what comes next in the home building process but I will keep the posts coming.

Love Always … Tam

Check out more of our Home Building, Here!


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