Plus Size Clothing Walmart Haul

Saturday morning I made a quick stop at Walmart for anything but clothes and walked away with more clothes than groceries… so I guess I would call that a clothing haul.

I think it was lat year (maybe it was even two years ago) that Walmart introduced the Time & Tru and Terra & Sky brands into their clothing selection and it was a happy day for me and I’m sure other plus sized ladies like me.

First up is this long sleeve black shirt.  It is an upgrade from your every day long sleeve, there is just the right amount of detail so that you feel like you are a little fancy.


This next shirt I didn’t actually buy, it was super cute on and I tried really, really hard to like it, but it was just too bright for me.


A girl can never have too many basic t-shirts, right? Especially in black! This one is a long length and it covers up my trouble area in the front. It is also a thick enough fabric that you wouldn’t have to wear a tank top underneath of it. If you aren’t as big of a black fan as me it come in multiple colors. The bad part… I couldn’t find a link for it online so look for it in your nearest Walmart store.


Last but not least is by far my favorite!!! A girl can never have too many leopard prints or cardigans…size down for this one.


I didn’t buy any of these that day because I no joke own at least 5 of each, but they are  staples in my wardrobe! The Terra & Sky Leggings, they feel like butter and the Terra & Sky Tunic Cami

Since I was getting all these new tops I figured that I better swing in and check out some new footwear. They had a ton of cute booties out, but I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge from sandals to boots. So I passed on that for now.

Love Always … Tam





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