Cancelled My Gym Membership!


So I sent in my cancelation for my gym membership this week. I joined the gym in October (or so) when my Zumba lady had to quit teaching classes at a near by school. I had been attending her classes on & off for the last 7 years and loved them! Since it looked like she was not going to be starting up classes anytime soon I decided to join a local gym, they also had Zumba and a few other group classes. But there classes just weren’t the same and I found it harder to make it to these classes, so I decided to cancel my membership.

I’m taking this stuff old school now with at home Workout DVD’s! Jumped on good old Amazon last night and ordered myself some walking themed workouts. I have been really into my Fitbit so I decided to start out with ones that will help up  my step game 🙂 The two I decided on are
Jessica Smith: Burn Fat & Have Fun


Dance That Walk


I have decided that I will never be on of those who love to work out and lift heavy weights. I’m just trying to make it tolerable and something I look forward to everyday. Now the wait for them to come in the mail!!!

Love Always … Tam


4th of July Vacation


Just got back from vacation, it was actually good and relaxing. I don’t normally like to go away from home for long periods of time, especially with kids and expect it to be relaxing. But when you have grandma and grandpa there to help and they can pretty much entertain themselves for 8 hours in the water, it can be pretty relaxing. Except the kids deceided they wanted to tube… behind the boat…. just the two of them!! I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!!

We went on our annual canoe trip down the Namekogen, this year we opted for a shorter, easier trip and it was just about perfect. Not much paddling was done, you got to enjoy mothing nature, we got out to swim a few places and a snake swam right through us!!! A SNAKE!! I almost peed my pants. That snake just swam through all of us while we here standing in the water like he owned the place. That is until I sceamed and he swam back up river, through the rest of our group and sat on the shore until we left.

No pictures from the river, I leave my phone at home. The boys caught this at the lake

This year we deceid to stay the whole week (plus two weekends, thats 9 days!) so that we would go to the Rodeo Thursday night. At first Viv did not want to go, even though we talked about it for weeks leading up. Then 5 min after we got there she decided she want to come every year. The Budweiser Clydesdales were there and for me that was worth it, those horses are beautiful and gigantic! The first rider out gashed his head into a pole right in front of us, ouch, good thing my kids were too into their cotton candy to even notice.

Food & Drink wise my week was so, so. My mother in-law is a pretty health consious lady and she planned most of the meals, so we had our veggies. The thing that really set me back was the drinking, oh and smores 🙂 I gained some weight back, but not all of it. The important part is that I enjoyed my vaction.

Love Always … Tam

Keep Moving Forward


I haven’t been blogging much lately because I feel like I don’t have much to share with you. The numbers on the scale haven’t been moving much, I know that is a direct effect of how much effort I have been putting into my eating and working out. Then I had a talk with one of my coaches the other day and she told me that even though I don’t think I have story to share, I do. It doesn’t matter that the numbers on the scale aren’t moving or that I don’t think people will want to follow a girl who has 100+ pounds to lose on how to live a healthy life style, it is my story. There are people out there who will go through that same struggles and that by sharing my story they too might be motivated to keep moving forward.

So here it is… The last couple weeks I have not been sticking to my 21 Day Fix eating plan, some days I do some and some days I convince myself it’s ok to stop at McDonalds for breakfast. My workouts have improved slightly. I completed the first day 21 Day Fix workout and could not walk for 4 days, I hurt so bad! The workout was not that hard and it’s only 30 min, I am just that out of shape, I have not worked out in over a year, or longer. For now I have decided walking on the treadmill is right for me.

I know how important eating right and working out (not just walking) is to my weight loss, I can tell you when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, but what I can’t tell you how to do is break that mental block inside your head. The one that says you don’t have to workout today, or you can have the pop or you don’t need to pack your food for the day. This physical change is just as much a mental change

Keep Moving ForwardI found this picture this week and I think fits perfectly to my story. I have started over so many times, it is time to just keep moving forward.

Love Always … Tam

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Oh Life…


Oh life when did you become so busy, like trying to manage a fortune 500 company, alone.

I have yet to make it back to the gym since my Buns & Guns debut. I had every intention, had it planned out on the calendar, told the hubs what nights he would have the kids and then he worked overtime all week. So needless to say the gym got bumped. Even though I could’ve went when he got home at 7:30 at night, I chose not too. But tomorrow is another day and I won’t have kids all weekend, they will be hanging out will my sister, so my goal is to hit up the gym once Saturday and Sunday.

Here is my week in review (I told you it was a big one)

Friday Night was Halloween. My Pirate, Pirate Princess and I headed out and did our normal tour of grandparents, great-grandparents and a few other houses. Those kids made a killing in candy and it was all the good chocolate candy, not the cheap stuff that nobody likes. I had the hubs take what was left on Monday to work, after we made a good dent in it over the weekend. Vivian wasn’t even sad, I hid the bag from her, she found it, gave it to her dad and said “mom said you can take this to work” and that was it.

Sunday night was one of my favorite nights. I am lucky enough to have a core group of friends that I have been friends with since Kindergarten, except Chelsea she didn’t come along until middle school, you get my point we have been friends a long time. Over the years I have been closer to some of the girls then others but what I love is that no matter what is going on, how long it has been since we have talked to each other, when we get together it is like not a day has passed since we were all 17 and the best of friends. Sunday night was our girls night, we went to the traditional place the casino, won some money, lost some money and had a great time.

Tuesday my sister flew into town and the one thing she wanted to do was surprise Vivian at school. Vivian had no clue that auntie was coming for a visit. So we got to school right before they were getter ready to leave, they were outside playing. When all the kids were coming in from recess, Lindsay stood by the door of the class room. Vivian came in and looked at auntie who a look of confusion and it wasn’t until Auntie said, “Hi Vivian” that she realized it was her. Vivian gave her the biggest hug ever, then pulled back and looked at Auntie’s face, hugged her again, she couldn’t believe that Auntie was there. On Thursday Auntie got to go on Vivian’s first field trip with her to the Children’s museum.

Love Always … Tam

The Gym


So I had a minor set back in joining the gym last week like I had planned. It turned out that our insurance plan is not involved in the Frequent Fitness program where they give you $20 of your monthly membership fee back to you if you go X times in a month. So being strapped for cash as it is I was having a hard time convincing myself the $60+ a month it was going to cost me in membership fees and daycare was worth it. But after some talks with my mom, my friend Kate and my husband the overall consensus is to just do it!! So last night I did it… joined the gym that is. I have been apart of this gym before and I Love it there, it is mainly women that go there and they have amazing classes. I made Eric promise to give me two nights a week where he has the kids, feeds them, puts them to bed and not to make a mess of the house!! I know that this sounds like normal things a parent should do but he gets so wrapped up in things that “need to be done” he hardly spends any time with them.  Men and Women are such different creatures because spending time away from those kids are one of the big reasons I didn’t want to go back to the gym because I felt like I never saw them. So this will be good for both of us, I get some time away with adult interaction and he gets some time with the kids. I start tonight with a Buns & Guns class… I can’t wait!!

Love Always … Tam

I’ll Start on Monday


Husband “I thought you were on a diet?”

Me “I’ll start on Monday”

I am one of those people who is always trying to lose weight. I have always been a body conscious person but it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I actively started to try losing weight, before my wedding. By actively trying to lose weight I mean a constant yo-yo of lose weight-gain weight. Over the years I have gained more then I have lost and could now stand to lose 100+ pounds. I have tried everything from Weight Watchers, starving myself, joining a gym, L. A. Weight Loss, counting calories, liquid diet, joining a Biggest Loser program….. some have worked, some have not (for obvious reasons). Even when things did work, I didn’t see it until it was too late and I had already gained back weight. I keep waiting for my ah-ha moment when it all clicks, I am motivated and everything just falls into place. Does that moment exist? Do you know when it happens? Did I let my moment pass me by?

The last thing I was successful at with losing some weight was joining a Biggest Loser program at a local gym. The organizer is all about changing your life style for the better and it worked, I lost 19lbs in 3 months (with cheating) At the time I didn’t think 19lbs made a difference in the way I looked and when people complemented me on my weight lose, I just thought they were being nice to the fat lady. Now I look back and remember how those black pants were so loose on me they were almost falling off and now they are too tight. I would have loved to continue with the gym but I didn’t have the money and I felt like I never saw my kids (you will learn that I like to make a lot of excuses) My goal after completing the Biggest Loser program was to incorporate what I had learned at home. I still do refer back to that information, but not as much as I should.

Well, here we are it is Monday again, will this be The Monday?

Love Always … Tam