The Gym

So I had a minor set back in joining the gym last week like I had planned. It turned out that our insurance plan is not involved in the Frequent Fitness program where they give you $20 of your monthly membership fee back to you if you go X times in a month. So being strapped for cash as it is I was having a hard time convincing myself the $60+ a month it was going to cost me in membership fees and daycare was worth it. But after some talks with my mom, my friend Kate and my husband the overall consensus is to just do it!! So last night I did it… joined the gym that is. I have been apart of this gym before and I Love it there, it is mainly women that go there and they have amazing classes. I made Eric promise to give me two nights a week where he has the kids, feeds them, puts them to bed and not to make a mess of the house!! I know that this sounds like normal things a parent should do but he gets so wrapped up in things that “need to be done” he hardly spends any time with them.  Men and Women are such different creatures because spending time away from those kids are one of the big reasons I didn’t want to go back to the gym because I felt like I never saw them. So this will be good for both of us, I get some time away with adult interaction and he gets some time with the kids. I start tonight with a Buns & Guns class… I can’t wait!!

Love Always … Tam


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