Oh Life…

Oh life when did you become so busy, like trying to manage a fortune 500 company, alone.

I have yet to make it back to the gym since my Buns & Guns debut. I had every intention, had it planned out on the calendar, told the hubs what nights he would have the kids and then he worked overtime all week. So needless to say the gym got bumped. Even though I could’ve went when he got home at 7:30 at night, I chose not too. But tomorrow is another day and I won’t have kids all weekend, they will be hanging out will my sister, so my goal is to hit up the gym once Saturday and Sunday.

Here is my week in review (I told you it was a big one)

Friday Night was Halloween. My Pirate, Pirate Princess and I headed out and did our normal tour of grandparents, great-grandparents and a few other houses. Those kids made a killing in candy and it was all the good chocolate candy, not the cheap stuff that nobody likes. I had the hubs take what was left on Monday to work, after we made a good dent in it over the weekend. Vivian wasn’t even sad, I hid the bag from her, she found it, gave it to her dad and said “mom said you can take this to work” and that was it.

Sunday night was one of my favorite nights. I am lucky enough to have a core group of friends that I have been friends with since Kindergarten, except Chelsea she didn’t come along until middle school, you get my point we have been friends a long time. Over the years I have been closer to some of the girls then others but what I love is that no matter what is going on, how long it has been since we have talked to each other, when we get together it is like not a day has passed since we were all 17 and the best of friends. Sunday night was our girls night, we went to the traditional place the casino, won some money, lost some money and had a great time.

Tuesday my sister flew into town and the one thing she wanted to do was surprise Vivian at school. Vivian had no clue that auntie was coming for a visit. So we got to school right before they were getter ready to leave, they were outside playing. When all the kids were coming in from recess, Lindsay stood by the door of the class room. Vivian came in and looked at auntie who a look of confusion and it wasn’t until Auntie said, “Hi Vivian” that she realized it was her. Vivian gave her the biggest hug ever, then pulled back and looked at Auntie’s face, hugged her again, she couldn’t believe that Auntie was there. On Thursday Auntie got to go on Vivian’s first field trip with her to the Children’s museum.

Love Always … Tam


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