First Parent Teacher Conference

Well, we officially had our first parent teacher conference last night. As suspected she is doing great, however I was quite surprised that we weren’t talked about her sassy/bossiness. The teacher did say that she “helps” out with one boy at her table. That girl definitely has a career in management or something where she can boss people around. For example at her 4th birthday …. it was time to open up presents, the whole time she was instructing an older boy when she was ready for her next present and which one she would like next. If he grabbed the wrong present she would let him know and have him get the correct one. I just watched her and shook my head, when did my baby get so big!

Speaking of babies getting big, Declan has decided to grow up this past week. He has started to say more words, but it isn’t so much the talking but the understanding that he is starting to do. He knows when we get to Grandpa’s house and he burst out “papa” or when he is eating if you ask him if he wants more he will shake his head yes or no and when he is done he  says in his cute voice ” all done” He will be 18 months at the end of this month!

The kids enjoying the leaves and nice weather last weekend.

Love Always … Tam


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