Weekend Recap

So this weekend we didn’t do a whole lot but in reality we did and it felt good. First off I got to spend time with people and not because they wanted me to cut their hair. Side note: I went to cosmetology school 8 years ago and it seems like the only time I see people is when they want a haircut. Friday night as a whole family we went to my Grandparents and had dinner. Saturday morning we went to my friend Alicia’s and the kids got to play for a bit. Saturday afternoon the kids and I went to the park and Sunday I made an amazing dinner on the grill (I surprised myself at how good it tasted, Eric too) I also got in some crafting time. I had some frames that I wanted makeover and paint with come blue chalk paint to hang in my bathroom. So during nap time on Saturday I pulled the kids craft table into the living room, set up shop, put in a chick flick and enjoyed some caffeine and chocolate. However the best part was  when Vivian woke up from her nap and we had some time before Declan woke up so we painted together.  Now to get some pictures in those frames. It was one of those weekends that will go in to my memory as one of those perfect weekends. Love Always … Tam Ps You can now follow me on Instagram @tamcam10 Pss I decided to join a gym tonight, more to come on that.


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