New House: The Dream

About six years ago we purchased some land just down the road from our house, with the dream of building on it some day. Last summer we finally updated the living room and kitchen (think stuck in the 80’s) they were the last part that needed to be done. We’ve lived in this house for 13 years and it has pretty much been a 13 year project to get everything updated. Now it is just a matter of de-clutter and a little paint and it should be ready to go on the market. This is of course all happening while trying to get the land ready for a house to be built and building a pole shed so Eric has a place to put all of his shit stuff. It makes my head spin trying to figure out how this will all work!!

This week we actually came up with a floor plan that (I think) we are both happy with. Now it is just a matter of getting it to someone who actually draws floor plans to see if it will work.tamcam10 the dream house plan one level

Here are a few things that we know are non-negotiables for this house:

  • We are having no basement (which is uncommon for Wisconsin)
  • Floors will be cement with in floor heat
  • Master bedroom will be on the West side (so Eric can keep an eye on his pole shed!)
  • I will have my own room, just for me!
  • Attached garage

With every dream you need a vision board aka Pinterest, here are a few pins from my board: Welcome to my Future Home



The next step in this adventure is making sure we can get water,
Until then the dream is at a stand still.

Love Always … Tam


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