New House: While we wait…

While we wait to see on the water situation I have been doing a lot of thinking, mainly about the style/décor of the house. Thinking about paint and furniture, fixtures and appliances … and it terrifies me. I keep thinking about how to pull everything together, if the rooms with flow nicely and most of all find a style that will stand the test of time. We all know those houses that you walk into and are like.. yup this style screams 1970’s.So what kind of style am I going for… I would say Farmhouse/Industrial.  I love white cupboards and white trim mixed with rusty buckets and chicken wire. But in real life I have two kids and a dog and a white house is not going to fly, so I know that dream will have to die. I am confident though that I can still pull off my dream look, with just a little less white in it.

What to do next… as long as we get a green light on the water. In no particular order because I haven’t figured it out yet:

  • Put house up for sale
  • Sell house
  • Get construction loan
  • Meet with builder
  • Get a floor plan made
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Driveway
  • Poleshed
  • Move out of house
  • Lose my Mind, cause I am missing a million more things to do!

Love Always … Tam

*Update: Our well ended up being over 300 ft deep and they had to hyrdofrac. We have water, it is cold and clean but doesn’t come in really fast.


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