No Cost Tips to Sell Your House

These tips aren’t going to cost you a thing and may even bring you a few extra dollars, no cost tips to sell your home but this will not be without some hard work. As I write this post I am in the middle of doing all the below mentioned tips and finally the end is near. After living in a house for 10+ years and raising two children… there tends to be a lot of stuff.  However,  I know that putting in this extra work will be worth it in the end.

Tip One: Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

This doesn’t mean that you have to through stuff away, but get them out of your house. Go room by room and figure out what you don’t absolutely need and either Toss, Donate or Pack. Once you have gone through every room, go back and do it again. Depending on how much time you have before you want to list your house you can wait a few days or weeks in between. You will learn that you really can live without all that stuff and will  notice how much bigger your house feels.

Tip Two: Take Down Personal Items

Yes you have the cutest kids ever and everyone should see the masterpiece little Susie made in art class. However, how can someone see themselves living in your house when there are signs all over that you are still living there (let that sink in) Also what you might find as a fun hobby (lets taking hunting for example) someone else might find it as a turn off for buying. Even though it has nothing to do with the house, if you give them bad juju vibes the deal could be off. TAKE IT ALL DOWN Family photos, vacation souvenirs, your collection of cat figurines…

Tip Three: Deep Clean

Now that you have gotten rid of stuff you will probably notice that dust bunnies really do get everywhere. If cleaning isn’t your forte try wrangling in a few friends and family members to help you. Food and alcohol help to get them there and also helps empty out your cupboards, so you can clean them.

Tip Four: Organize Behind Closed Doors

Just because they don’t see it at first glance doesn’t mean they wont be seeing it. When someone is looking to purchase a house you better believe that they will be opening your closet doors, the drawers in the bathroom and opening up your fridge. If it is staying with the house it is fair game. This also gives people the imprecation that you really take care of your house, not just what people see on the surface.

Tip Five: Have a Plan for Your Everyday Items

 Items like your tooth brushes, dirty dishes, laundry, etc.. Not only will this help your house look better, but it will cut down on the stress of prepping for a showing. For my bathroom items that usually sit on the counter, I have an empty basket in the closet for them. For dirty laundry I plan on getting a hamper with a lid to hide them in, and so on. I have been mentally visualizing all these things so that when it comes time for a showing I can put my plan into action and then be ready to tackle the unexpected. (If you haven’t thought I was a nerd yet, you really do now)

My last tip doesn’t involve you at all, finally a break!

Tip Six: Have a Mock Showing

Get you house all ready for a showing and invite a few people over to your house, maybe even your realtor. Ask them to tell you what they notice right away, what they like, if they smell anything or if they have any suggestions. Have you seen the “nose blind” commercials for Febreeze? You live in the house and naturally you will tend to over look  things, you become blind to them, that is why it is good to have outside eyes (and noses) over for a mock showing.

Just set our appointment with the Realtor to come over Wednesday and the Photographer is coming Thursday morning….eeeekkk!

Love Always … Tam

*Update we had an accepted offer in 5 days!


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