Home for Sale! … Sold!

Our house officially hit the market on a Friday and had an accepted offer by Wednesday night! Next we have to get through the inspections and have all contingencies removed, that will be for another post.

Getting ready for showings and living in your home was a lot more work then I anticipated, even with my planning.  When I posted No Cost Tips to Sell Your House, I was in the middle of doing all of the tips.  I wish that I would’ve taken before pictures so you could see what I started with. I have two kids, a man child and a dog… nothing stays clean for long.

Our realtor had a professional photographer come out and take pictures of the house. Between his pictures and my getting the house ready, our house really stood out above the rest.

Every morning there was a showing, I was in the kids’ rooms remaking the beds, wiping toothpaste off the sinks and de-cluttering the bathroom counter of all my products so it looked just like pictures.

With the house selling so fast, it was all worth it! Even if I was that mom telling the kids they couldn’t leave the couch because I had just cleaned. Isn’t there a meme about that…Even better some mom actually posted a sign, my just needed to to changed to Cleaned for showings and Closed until Sold!


I did add a few little shameless home staging items…clearly my photos are not as good as the professionals but you get the jist.  One of the best rooms in the house is our main bathroom, it features a large soaking tub. On the shelf above the tub I had this sign…

Imagine Yourself Relaxing in that Tub

Then somewhere on Pinterest I had read about placing an open book out with some reading glasses, so I did just that…


Last but not least I found this simple “Home” pillow at Walmart and figured it would make a nice addition to the couch.


“No Shame in my Home Staging Game”

Love Always … Tam


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