New House: Tam’s Room

Enough with the boring stuff, lets talk about the best room in the house… Tam’s Room. That’s right I get a room, it is mine, mine and all mine!! Now what will I do with said room you ask? I really have no clue and yet a million ideas. I do know that my treadmill will go in there and a TV,  after that….

I would like some sort of sitting area, causal lounging. I seen these daybed trundles pop up on Pinterest the other week and I’m pretty sure one of them have to go in my room. You can find them just about anywhere online; Wayfair, Walmart, Joss and Main…  and it will work perfect if we have guest spend the night since we won’t have a spare bed until one of the kids move out…that will be a while.

Next up for my room a large craft table. I like to craft, I’m not very good at it but I like to try my hand at a project or two. I like the tables with storage and some extra room, in case some friends want to craft with me. Oh and maybe have it on wheels too… this  might have to be something I convince Eric to build.

Now I will need storage for all my supplies and since this room isn’t a bedroom there wont be a closet in there. My mom bought a wardrobe from Ikea a few years ago and I have always liked it (even though she said it was a pain to put together) so I want to find something along those lines. (Look they even show this one in a craft room!)

And you can bet that there will be lots a pink and sparkly girly things, because every girl has to have her dream room right!


Love Always … Tam




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