New House: Faux Fireplace

In the new house we opted not to have a fireplace, but I would still like to add a fireplace element to the living room. I just picture myself decorating the mantle for Christmas, hanging the stockings and cozening up on those cold winter nights.  We added one little nook in the living room and I think it would be the perfect place to create a faux fireplace! I will be on the look out for an old fire place mantle but if I don’t find one I like, then I will just have to build one (and by I, I mean my dad and I).

I have seen some fireplaces that are just the mantle, but then there are the ones that have an extra built in piece that goes to the ceiling or even just a door on the back side, I think this gives the fireplace a more grand effect.

 Traditionally in the firebox you would have logs and fire. With a faux fireplace the options are endless. I am really drawn to the candles in the the firebox since it mimics the feel of a real fire.

And then there are these options too..

Don’t even started with how to decorate this imaginary fireplace for Christmas … I can’t wait!!


Still dreaming the dream for now

Love Always … Tam


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