New House: Dining Room

When my parent’s built a house circa 1996 my mom HAD TO HAVE a dinning room, fast forward 22 years, that room is now known as the “wasted room”. Not because we get wasted in there… I would never… because it never gets used! Besides Christmas every other year, the occasional Easter and one Thanksgiving that room is just sits there are looks pretty. When we started planning our house I was not going to have a dinning room, a table adjacent to the kitchen was fine by me. Now I have a whole room planned for that table.

After seeing this beauty from Shanty 2 Chic I am pretty sure that Eric (or my dad) will be building our dinning room table, they just doesn’t know it yet.  For just around $100 and a few hours of labor you get a custom table, I’m sold! This is one of the first farmhouse style tables I saw and loved, but of course I have a few things I would like to change in my version.

shanty 2 chic farmhouse table tamcam10

For the top of my table I would like wider boards. Wider boards = less seems = less places for crumbs to get stuck. Wider like this table …

farmhouse style dinning table wide boards top tamcam10

For the bottom build of the table I am torn between the X design or using fancier post. The original Shanty 2 Chic bottom of the table reminds me of two saw horses.


I am digging the two tone colors, I might go with an actual color on the bottom like a navy blue or mossy green. When planning my design I also want to make sure that the end of the table extends far enough so that I can fit a chair at each end.

Speaking of chairs… we will not be making those so I will have to keep my eyes open for some good finds. There are two chair scenarios I have in my mind for seating… dinning chairs with a bench on one side or dinning chairs with captain’s chairs at each end.

Once again… What have I become…Dreaming of dinning tables and chairs… too much adulting for me today…

Love Always … Tam


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