My Favorite Things: Beauty Must Haves

I like to think of myself as a beauty junkie of sorts, I will try just about anything, especially when it comes to skin care. These are the 5 things I consider the beauty must haves in my life:

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Dry Shampoo
Where has this been all my life!? In High School I had to wash my hair every morning and it will still be greasy by the end of the school day! It got a little better as I become an adult, but after having Declan all the greasiness came back 😦 Before dry shampoo became readily available I had used corn starch to combat my grease and it works. Now I prefer using actual dry shampoo and I have found the Batiste brand to be my favorite,  I prefer Tropical or Bare. If you have dark hair check out their Divine Dark.batiste dry shampoo tropical tamcam10

If I could only wear one item of makeup mascara would be it and Two Faced Better Than Sex would be the brand. I found this brand about 3 years ago, my friend Kate always had the best looking lashes, Kate has naturally blonde hair so I knew that her lashes were light, but they looked amazing.  She told me that she used Better Than Sex, I got a weird look on my face….awkward… then she showed me her mascara.

two faced better than sex mascara ulta tamcam10

Curling Iron
Over the last 15 years I have owned two Conair Instant Heat Curling Irons. Besides my time in cosmetology school when we had professional tools, this is the only curling iron I have owned in my adult life. They heat up just as well as professional curling irons  and they are a fifth of the price. I use the 3/4 in iron, it gives me a nice size curl and it holds the curl best in my hair.

conair instant heat culing iron tamcam10

Face Exfoliant
As a young adult I had always believed in exfoliating your skin, back then I used the apricot scrubs, but as I have gotten older I have refined my taste while trying to reduce my wrinkles. This Microdermabraison Kit by Olay Regenerist is fairly new to my line up of skin care but I have been impressed with the results.  I try to use it once a week, gently massage the scrub first and then apply the peel on top of it and then rinse off. Your face feels so smooth and clean afterwards.
mirodermabrasion kit by olay regenerist face peel and scrub tamcam10

Teeth Whitening
Let me start this one with a disclaimer, naturally I do have really white teeth, but with that being said even I notice a difference when I use teeth whitening products. If I have an event or special night out I will whiten my teeth beforehand. I have always used the Crest Whitestrips they grip well to your teeth and give me results.

crest whitestrips teeth whitening tamcm10

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my favorite things and if you give any of them a try let me know what you think.

Love Always … Tam


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