New Year Goals: January

We are 4 days into the New Year and as many of you have, I have set some goals for the year to come.

Number One goal for 2019 is to build our house!!! As much as I love living with my parents I am not spending another Christmas living in their house. My January task to achieve this goal is to go to the bank and apply for our construction loan. I talked with our builder the other day and told him we are ready for the bids so we can take them bank. I also have the drawing of our kitchen plan as my computer background as a visual reminder.

campbell kitchen design tamcamm10

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Number Two goal for 2019 is to lose weight. I have this goal every year, I have lost weight in the past (and then gained it back) so this year I am taking a different approach. Instead of focusing on the overall goal of losing weight, I am going to improve on smaller task that can help aid in my weight loss. January’s tasks are one pop or less a day, 10,000 steps a day and a vitamin regime. I used to get so overwhelmed going full force in the new year and taking a 180 with my diet and exercise that I would never stick to it.  This year I want to create healthy habits that stick. So taking it one month at a time I am tracking my new habits with this free download from Bloom Daily Planners. You do have to create an account to have access to their free downloads but they are pretty helpful. Just a simple circle on the days I achieve my task and and X on those I don’t. I am going to track for the first two weeks to create a baseline and then set goals for myself the following weeks.

bloom planners habit tracker tamcam10

My Third goal of the year is to blog more, which I might say that I am off to a good start. I have had this blog for four years now and have just dabbled with it. Originally I started with with the idea of it being a documentation of my weight loss journey because I have found blogs to be so inspirational. However I have realized that working out and meal prep is not my passion and if I’m going to be an inspiration for others in this online world, that isn’t it. I’m not quite sure what the direction this blog will take so for now I am just documenting the day to day stuff, ideas that I have and the dreams (and reality) our new house.

Like any good goal setter I have my shiny new planner to help me out and basically just keep my life organized. For the third (or fourth) year I ordered a Bloom Planner, I prefer their Vision Planner its my favorite. I have used the Daily Planner (which also comes in an Academic calendar) as a second planner and kept it in the kitchen for the family to use and stay connected.  Basically it was so my husband knew what was going on. I also wrote down important phone numbers in the front of the planner and went over them with my daughter. Just in case there was a situation where she had to actually dial a number and not just tell Siri to call Grandma! Last year I used the Ultimate Planner, but found that it was just too much for me and it is a rather large size.  This year I went back to my OG, the the Vision Planner. 

vision planner bloom planners tacam10

Here’s to making 2019 the year of Goal Setting and crushing them.

Love Always … Tam

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