Easy Chicken Salad Croissant Cups Recipe

The first time I ever had these Chicken Salad Croissants as at my wedding shower and then I requested them at my baby shower. From then on they have kind of been a Campbell family get together favorite, recently making an appearance at my SIL’s annual Wine & Pajama Party. The party doesn’t include much wine (more like booze & beer), you must wear your PJ’s and there is usually 2:00 am snacks involved. I’ve made them a few times at home just because they are amazing and have recently adapted them to this Croissant Cup, instead of just putting the chicken salad in a croissant.

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This recipe is always a crowd pleaser and is easy to make. I actually have an easy, easier and easiest option for the chicken.
Easy: Cook Chicken at home and shred.
Easier: Pick up Rotisserie Chicken at store, pick off meat and shred.
Easiest: Use Canned Chicken, no need to shred.
This time I used the canned chicken because we had some in the pantry.  I just open the chicken, dump in a strainer, rinse off and your chicken is ready to go.

To get started Shred your chicken (unless using canned), chop the celery & green onions, mix together in a bowl. Then mix in the mayo and Lawry’s Seasoned Salt.

easy chicken salad croissant cups tamcam10 mix in bowl

I used a lot of celery this time per my mom’s request, she is lucky that I found this chopper, it makes chopping so easy and fast. It chops everything into nice even pieces, has two sizes and when chopping onions cuts down on the tears. I chop hard boiled eggs, potatoes and everything in between. My grandparents even want one after they saw me chopping onions one day. Must be good when two old school bakers want it or its just easier and safer for them to chop things up with. It is called an onion chopper but it does so much more, the brand is Mueller.

onion veggie chopper mueller tamcam10

After your chicken salad is mixed, pop open you Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and place in the muffin tin. I like to place half of the crescents in the pan at a time and alternate them. Otherwise the ends are over lapping each other and they get in a mess. When the crescent is in the pan, fill with chicken salad and fold the ends over the top. Repeat with the other half.

chicken salad croissant cups muffin pan tamcam10 Pillsbury crescent rolls

Cook in the oven until the crescent roll is golden brown, about 10-12 mins. Then dig in!

easy chicken salad croissant cups tamcam10 (2)

If you give this recipe a try let me know how you like it. You can easily adapt it for your taste less onion, more celery. Fill the cups with more or less chicken salad. But you can’t go wrong if you at least give it a try!

chicken salad croissant cups tamcam10

You can print the recipe Here.

Love Always … Tam

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