Weekend Top Three: Snow, Cookies & Valentines!

It is winter here in the great midwest and Mother Nature is not letting us forget it. The temps are finally back up to bearable, but the snow is piling up with more to come this week.

Wisconsin Winter Huge Snow Pile Kid in Snow

The timing of the snow is really making it difficult for us to deliver Girl Scout Cookies!! That’s right we have a Girl Scout in the family this year, so far she is loving it. This is the first group sport/activity that Viv has showed any interest in so I am excited. I don’t really know much about Girl Scouts so this will be an experience for both of us. Right now I am learning how not to eat all the cookies in my car!

Green Square Can one survive on girl scout cookies asking for a friend tamcam10

Like any good mom I left Valentine’s box making till the weekend before. We have been planning Viv’s box for the last week or so but the execution of said plan didn’t happen until Sunday. Lots of Pinks and Purples going on with Viv’s box, can you guess what it was? See what we made, Click!

Valentines Box Making Pink Purple Gold Puff Balls

Love Always … Tam



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